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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kitchen Tip

So I have a tip I wanted to share today. I am not sure if I am really in the place to share cooking tips, because honestly I not a fabulous cook. I definitely try and should totally receive an A for effort, but I think you will benefit from this tip. Well at least your taco night will. I learned this from my sisinlaws mom Joan. She adds just a bit of water to her refried beans and oh my it makes such a difference. It makes your refried beans 100 times smoother and creamier. I then cook them on the stove and top it with A LOT of cheddar cheese. Above is what it should look like pre-cooking. I general fill the refried bean can with about a quarter of water. This will totally make your taco so much yummier. Thank you Joan for sharing your tip with me. We love our refried beans now!!

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Boil or cook pinto beans in your crockpot. When it's taco night just mash them in your skillet while cooking them. Add salt, pepper, garlic and onion salt. You are in charge of the consistency. Make sure to use the bean water while you cook it.

  2. We add the juice of a lime, salsa and cheddar cheese to our beans. So yummy!

  3. we've always used a large splash of milk in ours. ive tried water in a pinch, but prefer the milk by far. :) great page you have.

  4. Cook your pinto beans in a crock pot over night. Salt to taste. Drain, (reserving juice)
    In a skillet put a bit of bacon grease,(maybe 2 T) and saute a handful of onion. Fry beans til they start to look dry. Add 1/2 c (approx) and cook. You just keep stirring the beans. You don't have to mash them. Add reserved liquid if they look to dry to make them creamy. These are yummy. Homemade Refried beans.
    ***For refried bean soup add more liquid. Serve with a sprinkling of cheddar, a dollup of sour cream and crushed tortilla chips. ;) You'll thank me later!


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