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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kitchen Tip

So I have a tip I wanted to share today. I am not sure if I am really in the place to share cooking tips, because honestly I not a fabulous cook. I definitely try and should totally receive an A for effort, but I think you will benefit from this tip. Well at least your taco night will. I learned this from my sisinlaws mom Joan. She adds just a bit of water to her refried beans and oh my it makes such a difference. It makes your refried beans 100 times smoother and creamier. I then cook them on the stove and top it with A LOT of cheddar cheese. Above is what it should look like pre-cooking. I general fill the refried bean can with about a quarter of water. This will totally make your taco so much yummier. Thank you Joan for sharing your tip with me. We love our refried beans now!!

Have a Blessed Day!
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