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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Learning Sight Words Part 1

Learning our sight words is something we practice each day during school. I was asked by a few friends how I am doing sight words and reading with Keagan and Libby, so I thought I would do a few posts about it. Each day when we start school we start by our learning board. We change the date, go over the days of the week, and sing some songs. This is also when we do our reading. We read some books that go with our theme for the week and then we read two of hooked on phonics or BOB books. (Usually Keagan reads these books to me and we have one that we read each day for the whole week). I also use my dry erase board to go over our sight words. I am amazed how much these games below have helped both of my kids. Libby is even reading words now.

I write a bunch of our sight words on the board (both new and review). The kids then take turns picking a word to read to me. They also spell it for me. I erase it after they can read it and spell it correctly.
Here a some of the sight words we have been doing lately:

sad, what, on, in, dog, cat, pig, big, my, me, has, had, this, the, and, bug, bee, see, pie, it, is, I, a, sat, red, put, add, win

We then will usually play a game with the words. This is one of bubba's favorite. We play fill in the blank. I actually let them take turns writing in the letters.

Here is just one ting we have have been doing lately, which has been helping my children with their sight words. I believe it is never to early to start sight words. Miss priss is recognizing words now and she is still 2 years away form Kindergarten. These sight words have also helped Keagan with his reading. We are breezing through the Hooked on Phonics and Bob books. We usually do 1 a week, depending on how they are doing at reading it. I also found at the library Hooked on Phonics Companion books. These have been a nice addition to our reading time.

I hope these ideas help anyone else who is working on reading with their littles. I am planning to do some more posts on things that we are doing to help with our reading and writing. I hope you guys have a wonderful Tuesday!

Oh and I finally figured out how to fix my picture problem I talked about here. Thank you all for your suggestions. They worked wonders:>

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Love the "fill in the blank" activity. I am guessing Arin would like this since it involves dry erase markers, which are the only thing she really likes to write with.


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