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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas ABC's: E , F, G

Now on to my catch up post. Yesterday I combined E, F, and G so that I could get us caught up on our Christmas ABC's. I am determined to make sure we get to do all our letters this year. E was for Elf, F was for Fruit cake, and G was for garland. I combined all these into a full day of Christmas fun.

We started out by reading Little Christmas Elf by Eileen Curren

We then made some blueberry muffins. These were suppose to go with F is for fruit cake. We made muffins instead of making a fruit cake. I felt like we already have so many goodies we have made lately, that a fruit cake who would just add to our pile of sweets to eat. We made muffins, so we could enjoy them this morning.

After dinner we decided to have a movie night to watch Elf (Infinifilm Edition)
Elf (Infinifilm Edition)

WE made paper garland and decorated the apartment with snowflakes while watching our movie. It turned out to be a fun day. Today we are doing H is for Ho, Ho, Ho! This should be a fun day of Santa filled fun. See you tomorrow and Enjoy our pictures below :>

Here is a list of what we have done so far:

Christmas ABC List
Letter A
Letter B
Letter C
Letter D

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. What a great day you had! I love what you picked to go with the letters. This is going on my list for next December.
    Keep them coming....can't wait to see the rest.


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