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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas ABC's: M & N

 For our Christmas ABC's this week we have done letter M for Mittens (I know it was suppose to be manger, but I changed it) and N for Nativity. Here are some of the things that we did to go along with our letters:

 We read these books:

by Eric Carle

We played a game with mittens and snowflakes. I printed out a mitten shape and a snowflake shape from The Big Book of Monthly Ideas : Preschool-Kindergarten : The Best of the Mailbox Monthly Idea Books I then colored the mitten and snowflakes and put rhyming words on them. The kids had to match up the words that rhymed. This was a fun way to begin to learn rhyming. We also practiced word families as well. I will post how we did that tomorrow.

We did Marker dot art. The kids spelled out their names using craft paint and the ends of markers to make circles. We of course had to be festive and do it in green and red. This was a fun alternative to just writing out their names. I think Miss Priss enjoyed this one the most :>

For the letter N we talked about the nativity and we have begun reading The Twelve Prayers of Christmas (HarperBlessings). This is such a fun book. We used it last year to go along with our nativity. This book goes through each part of the nativity. Even down to the donkey and sheep. Each one has a little poem to go with it and each night (12 days before Christmas) we would read a prayer and add the peiece to the nativity. Then of course Christmas Eve night we put out the baby jesus. This was so much fun last year, I wanted to continue again this year. So that is what we have done for the letter N.

Tomorrow we will be doing O, Q, and R. We are saving P for Monday when we will be having a Polar Express PJ day with some friends of ours. I can not believe that there are only 10 more days till Christmas. I feel like this month is going by so fast and there is so much more left to do. Anyway hope you are enjoying your time with your littles and I will post some more tomorrow :>

Here is what we have done so far:

Christmas ABC List
Letter A
Letter B
Letter C
Letter D
Letter E, F, G 
Letter H 
Letter I
Letter J
Letter K & L

Have a Blessed Day!

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