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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making Gingerbread Houses

Every year we enjoy making gingerbread houses together as a family. This is just a tradition we have. We have done it with my brotherinlaw and sisinlaw for almost 6 years. We started this when we were all dating and have continued it. The only time we missed doing it together was when we were stationed in Washington. I love that this is somewhat of a tradition for us. We always invite the rest of the fam, but somehow it seems to end up just being us. We use Graham crackers and we all bring candy to share. It is such a fun time to visit and just get hopped up on sugar together. I am thankful for wonderful friends. Holly and Justin are seriously Jason and my best friends and we love them! I love how close our kids are and how we literally see each other a few times a week, even though we no longer live right down the street from one another. Well enough of my  sentimental self expressing grinch hubby would so not approve. I can call him a grinch, because he does it himself. I love him and his grinchy ways. Anyway here are the pics form our fun night of decorating. Enjoy!

I love his face in this one
This is what I see when I ask him to take a picture with me.
Bubbas house
Miss Priss

My awesome nephew
and just cause Holly and I are goofballs 

Have a Blessed Day!

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