Blissful and Domestic - Creating a Beautiful Life on Less: January 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Movie Night: Teen Titans


For Movie Night this week we did something a little special. We had home-made pizza and funnel cakes. These were both brand new recipes I was trying and I was excited that they both turned out pretty well. The pizza could have been better. I just started learning to make breads from scratch and so far it has been a long hard process for me. Yeast and I just don't mesh well most days. I am thankful for a husband who constantly encourages me to keep trying and two little kids who will eat anything. 

Anyways it was dad's turn to pick the movie and he picked Teen Titans - Trouble in Tokyo (Original Movie) It turned our to be a cute movie, which both of the kiddos loved. Here are also the pictures of our yummy new foods and the recipes.





Friday, January 29, 2010

Make Your Home a Haven: Morning Routine


For the most part I do try to stay on schedule. I think that schedules work well for us and keep things from becoming to chaotic. I do need to be better at keeping us on schedule in the morning. I sometimes get distracted by chores or just play with the kids, but this past week of trying to stay on task has helped quite a bit. Our home was less stressful and just an overall happier place.

Here is my morning routine:

5:30 ~ wake up & Exercise
6:30 ~ Quiet Time: Scripture reading & prayer
6:45 ~ Pick one household chore to do or check mail
7:00 ~ shower, dressed, bed made
7:30 ~ littles wake; breakfast & cartoons
8:00 ~ empty dishwasher, put breakfast dishes away; start load of laundry
8:30 ~ help littles get dressed, teeth brushed, beds made
9:00 ~ Chore time for the littles & then play time
10:00 ~ School Time
11:30 ~ Lunch time

Now, this is my ideal morning routine. Does it always happen? No, but when it does things are glorious! I strived for this last week and things were much easier and calmer. The kids were happier, which of course made me happier as well.

I find it fun to see other routines. It sometimes helps me to improve mine. Stop by and visit Monica and Wendi for some other routines.

Cake Mix Cookies

These cookies are super easy and oh so yummy to make. They are also a good way to use with food storage, especially when cake mixes go on sale at the grocery store for like 80 cents. I always stock up. They are also yummy on a rainy day with hot chocolate.


  Here is how you make them:

1 box of cake mix (lemon, spice, chocolate, or French vanilla)
2 eggs
1/2 cup of oil
small candies (optional)

mix together, spoon onto baking sheets, Bake @ 350 for 10-15 minutes.
Cool 10 minutes and then remove to a cooling rack or plate.
Frost once completely cooled.

Please make these. I am sad you have gone without them for so long. They are the soft chewy ones you get from the store. Yum I want to go make me some right now :>

** In the picture are Triple Fudge Chocolate Cake Cookies**

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year's Eve Celebration 2009...

I was going through pictures this morning and realized I never posted our pictures from New Year's Eve, so here they are. We went to my brother and sisterinlaws house for a night of games. We started off the night with a pot luck dinner, freeze dance, and then we all got ready for the Nerf gun fight. Everyone brought Nerf Guns and then we took over the downstairs with a Nerf war. It was so much fun and some of the dad's got pretty serious about the Nerf battles. After the battle was over we played board games and had yummy dessert. At 9pm we did a count down with the little kids and did a toast for the kdis with apple cider and sparklers in the backyard. We did end up staying till midnight, which was not my original plan, but after our 9 pm countdown for the kids the boys started playing video games and Miss Priss and the bubba didn't want to leave. Eventually Miss Priss fell asleep upstairs, but Bubba made it and we ended up staying the whole time. This is a fun tradition of our families and I can't wait for next years re match Nerf gun War








Dolly's Imagination Library

I wanted to share this neat program I just found out about on A Heart For Home . The Program is Dolly's Imagination Library It is run by Dolly Parton and in certain cities your child could receive free hardcover books each month. Nevada isn't one of the participating states. I am so sad :< but I couldn't be selfish and not share this wonderful program with you all. I hope some of you will be able to take advantage of this program.

And For today.....

My agenda is to....

Try out this yummy recipe. It will be great at using up my food storage of quick oats and it sounds oh so yummy for breakfast :>

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Young Womens Hair Bow Activity

For Young Womens tonight we had a personal progress activity. The girls all got to make some real cute flower hair clips. I am an avid hair bow/flower maker and I was very excited to share my simple way of making these with them. Her are some pictures from our night. It is always a night full of laughs when you get all the young women together. I love Wednesday nights because of this



 It was also Becca's Birthday, so we finished the night off with some cakes. Yes I said cakes. A few of us leaders must have had the same idea and we all brought cake for the girls to share :>


Here is what I use to make the flower clips we made tonight:

these clips from Sally's Beauty Supply. I bought a pack of 100 for $5.39
I then buy any kind of cute fake flower I see at Joann's or Michael's and hot glue them onto the clip. They are so easy that I can't believe how much people will pay for them in the store, when you can make them for so much less at home. I do put a scrap piece of ribbon on the clip first. I glue that in place and then glue the flower on top.

Simple Pleasures: Time With Daddy

I love the simple pleasure of seeing Miss Priss helping daddy. Her rider wasn't working so daddy let her help in fixing it. He then got to tell her about the tools and she listened so intently wanting to know all about them and what they did. Then of course she had to try out the rider to make sure it worked and seeing the smile on her face as daddy continued to say "ready, set, go" over and over again for her as she went around and around the house was so precious. For my little Princess this was such a special moment with her daddy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fancy Hats

For Christmas Miss Priss wanted Fancy hats to wear. She told me this in November, which gave me a little bit of time to hunt for the perfect hats to decorate. I found a few hats a DI for $1. I then went to Joann's and bought some fake flowers and beautiful white feathers to add to the hats. The hats turned out perfect and Miss Priss loved them. These pictures are of her last week. We went out to dinner with my parents and she needed to be fancy and wear one of her hats. It was so cute!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fancy Birthday Celebration...

For Miss Priss's Birthday we had a Fancy Nancy Tea Party for her (minus the tea of course). We got Fancy Nancy: Tea Parties from the Library:

It is the cutest book and Nancy teaches how to throw a Fancy party. I sat down with Miss Priss and we read the book togetehr and picked out what we wanted to do for her birthday. She was so excited she got to help plan it all out. She went shopping wuith me for the food and she picked the games too. I think it turned out to be a great fancy party that was special for her. We had a dress up area for the kids to get into their fancy attire. It was so sweet to see My hubby along with the rest of the family dressing up as well for the party. We had yummy little cookies, sandwiches, chesse and crackers, and lemonade. I also made a chocolate Sheet cake from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl. This cake is so yummy! I checked this book out from the library and have tried a few things that all have been delicious. I am putting this book on my wish list for my birthday in May. Hint hint Hubby  Anwyays....Thank you to my sisters who helped me think of cute fancy ideas for the party. It turned out to be a fancy blast!

Enjoy the pictures:










We also went to the Pinkalicious website for more party ideas

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