Blissful and Domestic - Creating a Beautiful Life on Less: February 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Make Your Home a Haven: Planning Ahead


 Planning ahead for Church:

  For this week planning a ahead was a little bit of a struggle, but we still kept at it even when things got hectic. One thing I wanted to really strive at planning ahead for this week was church. I attended a Stake Women's Conference this past Sunday. Our Stake President talked about how we should be wearing our Sunday best to church. President Shield's specified that everyone's Sunday best may be different, but when we go to church we need to remember that we are worshiping the Lord and that we should dress like it. Our Savior is the most important person in our lives. He has given us everything and when we go to church to partake of sacrament and renew our covenants with him and our Heavenly Father, we should be respectful in our attire. 
   Well this got me thinking. I came home that night and my hubby and I talked about all that had been discussed at the conference. We prayed and asked ourselves if we really were teaching our children to wear their Sunday best and what that really meant. Well, we decided that night that if were going to teach them it needed to be now. We decided on a white shirt and tie for Keagan because when he gets older this is what will be expected of him to wear. We also decided that for Miss Priss, who wears dresses all the time, had to pick out her very best fancy dress. This task was of course a pleasure for her. She loves to be fancy. I ironed all the clothes last night and now this morning we are all ready. It was a blessing when we talked to the children about our new and improved dress code for church. There was a minimal amount of groans from the bubba, who prefers sweatpants to everything else. He really like to be comfy. We explained to him how this is how Heavenly Father wants us to dress and he agreed. So now because of planning ahead we will be able to enjoy our Sunday morning together and not be rushing around searching for clothes that probably aren't clean. It is amazing what planning ahead can do to make your mornings run smoothly. 

For Preschool this week: 

My sisterinlaw found this website called Preschool and they have ready made lesson plans for preschool that include books list, snack ideas, craft ideas, etc. It is a really fun site and if anyone is having trouble planning ahead with preschool you might want to try this site out this week. We are doing the shadows section this week (lesson 2 for January). I just went onto my library's website and requested the books we didn't currently have and now I have a full lesson plan for this coming week without to much stress. Thank you Miss Holly!

Also check out Monica for more ideas on planning ahead.  

Friday, February 5, 2010

Popular Mechanics For Kids


This is seriously the greatest find we have found at the library lately. My Bubba just loved watching this and learning about all the forces of nature. He has always loved watching the science channel with daddy, but sometimes things are of course hard for him to understand, but these Popular Mechanics for Kids movies are for a child's level of thinking. They also show how they make a Hollywood snow scene and an avalanche, which he thought was awesome! He loved learning and seeing the experiments they showed in the movie. I seriously recommend this to any mom who has boys who love to learn about science and who love cool things.They will definitely be entertained!

Check your library's online catalog to see if you can request these. I checked ours and was amazed at how many they had to reserve.Bubba is anxiously waiting for more to come in at the library :>

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bookin it in 2010

I love to read. It is seriously something that helps me relax and just get away for a few minutes or even an hour if the littles are in bed. Reading is a great way to unwind at the end of the day and just escape for a little. I mean I hope that doesn't sound bad using the word escape, but after a whole day of tending to my littles, which I am absolutely grateful I get to do, sometimes you need a few moments to yourself to just be. This is where reading comes in for me. I can curl up with a good book and just enshroud my self with the words and go into another world. A world that only the book can take me. I want my children to have a love for books as I do and I know that when our children see us read they are more likely themselves to want to read. So at Jessica is doing a segment on her blog called bookin it in 2010. Jessica is encouraging us not just to read, but to read good books. Read books that help us grow as a mother, wife, and as a Daughter of God. If anyone feels like sometimes the only thing they read are backs of cereal boxes or recipe cards Jessica even has some tips to help. I found these helpful and have allowed me to find more time to read. Here is what I am reading this month:

This is an amazing book that has really got me thinking about those quite moments throughout my day and how I spend them. I wanted to get this book at the library during Christmas, but the hold list was way to long. It just came in last week and I have been reading it each night after my littles go to bed. This quit time of reading and then recording my thoughts in my journal has become quite precious to me and I look forward to that sweet time each day. When I can relax in the stillness of the night and ponder on my Savior and all his birth has meant to me.

 I have also been reading this:

Oh my goodness this is such an amazing book (I know I say that alot about books, but I always mean it) . I am a true hopeless romantic and this book absolutely is up my ally. For those who don't know her is the synopsis:

From Publishers Weekly

"This clever and inventive tale works on three levels: as an intriguing science fiction concept, a realistic character study and a touching love story. Henry De Tamble is a Chicago librarian with "Chrono Displacement" disorder; at random times, he suddenly disappears without warning and finds himself in the past or future, usually at a time or place of importance in his life. This leads to some wonderful paradoxes. From his point of view, he first met his wife, Clare, when he was 28 and she was 20. She ran up to him exclaiming that she'd known him all her life. He, however, had never seen her before. But when he reaches his 40s, already married to Clare, he suddenly finds himself time traveling to Clare's childhood and meeting her as a 6-year-old. The book alternates between Henry and Clare's points of view, and so does the narration. Reed ably expresses the longing of the one always left behind, the frustrations of their unusual lifestyle, and above all, her overriding love for Henry. Likewise, Burns evokes the fear of a man who never knows where or when he'll turn up, and his gratitude at having Clare, whose love is his anchor. The expressive,performances of both actors convey the protagonists' intense relationship, their personal quirks and their reminiscences, making this a fascinating audio".


I literally can not put this book down. I am enjoying it so much and am very excited for the movie to come out this month. Just wanted to share what I have been reading in case anyone else is looking for a good book to read.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Gifts to God: Standing as a Witness in 2010


The Book of Mormon and the TV Guide
On the table, side by side
The Book of Mormon and the TV Guide
One is well worn and cherished with pride;
Not the Book of Mormon, but the TV guide,
One is used daily to help folks decide,
No, not the Book of Mormon, but the TV Guide.
As the pages are turned, what shall they see?
Oh, what does it matter, turn on the TV!
So they opened the book from which they confide,
No, not the Book of Mormon, but the TV guide.
The word of God is seldom read
Maybe a verse or two before they fall to bed,
Exhausted and sleepy and tired as can be,
Not from reading the scriptures, but from watching TV.
So back to the table, side by side
The Book of Mormon, and the TV Guide
The Plan of Salvation is full and free
But is found in the Book of Mormon, not on the TV.

   I have had an interesting and tiring week. I have probably felt the least in-tuned with the spirit lately... It is like I have been trying to tune in the rado, but I keep getting static or I am in between stations. I can hear my favorite song, but can't get the white noise to fade out. I had let life become so busy and hectic that I was no longer making time for my Savior that is why I couldn't tune in completely. This struck me on Sunday night. I had to give a lesson in church and felt that the spirit just wasn't with me. I was tired and stressed... I had a little lady crying in nursery (miss Priss) and I couldn't focus and in that time of need I didn't ask for the help that I should have. My Heavenly Father was there waiting, but I didn't call. Then later that week  our home teachers in our ward came over to visit and they gave some amazing advice. 
    They probably didn't know at the time how appropriate and needed their words were. They talked about how our testimonies of our Savior, of the Gospel can be likened unto lamps. Just like a flashlight that runs on batteries our tesimonies are the same. When those batteries are winding down we need to recharge them so the light will stay strong. Sometimes for me it can become very easy to do what I am suppose to be doing without thinking of why I do what I do. Why do I choose not to watch rater R movies?Well I don't think about it anymore because I don't battle with the temptation anymore. I don't watch them because those types of movies do not bring me closer to my Savior....When I remember the why than my testimony grows. Just like when I ponder on my Savior. When I think about his life and the love he had for me...enough love to willingly die for me, my heart wants to burst ebcause it is so overwhleming the emotions that flow. 
   I realized that apart of my problem of becoming complacent with each day was my lack of scripture study. I would read my chapter, a few verses, or sometimes be to tired to even open the smooth cover of my Book of Mormon. I wasn't really taking in the words and thinking about how those words were meant just for me.I have not been doing my journal writing. Writing in my Thankful Journal was almost a way for me to organize my thoughts before I knelt to pray and without this time my prayers have also left much to be desired. 

  I have realized so much this week. The fact that I am only one perosn and I have been spreading myself so thin. Because of this, I was leaving out the most important part of my life and that is my Savior, Jesus Christ.. I want to grow closer to him each day. To feel his love guiding me through everything. It is amazing the change I felt inside once I really thought about what was missing in my life, in my day. Today was so much better because I took time to sit back and think of my day...I took time to see the Lord's hand in my my children's laughs and my husbands eyes. I am thankful for these moments. I am thankful for the fact that although we stray, how ever slight that might be, we can still return to our Heavenly Fatehr, with a repented heart, and he is there waiting with outstretched hands. What a glorious feeling it is to know I am a Daughter of a King, a child of God who loves me and knows me. I pray that I can continue to grow into what he has prepared me to be. I want to Stand as a Witness in 2010 and by doing little things each week I will grow closer to my Heavenly Father and that is one of the greatest gifts I can give...and that is myself, my time, my talents.

For this upcoming week I want to work to eliminate one behavior that keeps my apart from my Savior. This means no more late nights for me because when I have a late night, I am tired in the morning. This effects my morning with my littles. Staying up late prevents me from getting up early for my morning prayer and study time. When I am good about getting up and doing my morning routine my day is better because I start with prayer, but when I am trying to sleep in as long as my littles allow, I get behind and I know that efeects me and the running of my household.

I pray Heavenly Father that I may be able to start each day with a private word. That I may be able to renew my strength for each day. I know everything is possible through thee. That thou gives me the strength I need in order to accomplish today's task. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
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