Blissful and Domestic - Creating a Beautiful Life on Less: March 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bookin it in 2010: March Book List

Here is an update rom something I read last month:

Time Travelers Wife- I had started reading this last month and was really enjoying it. The only huge flaw it has is that randomly the f word is used. I am so sad because if it were not for these few moments it would be such a good book. I ended up only reading half and decided I couldn't deal with any more f-bombs I guess I will wait for the movie and hope for the best :<

Here is my book list for the month of March:

More Charlotte Mason Education  --I began reading this last month and want to continue reading this. I have anjoyed so much and am looking forward to applying some fo these ideas next year in our home school.
Fade Out (Morganville Vampires, Book 7)-- I just finished reading this one. It is the last in the Morganvilla Vampire series and I just absolutely loved it. I love young adult fiction and Rachel Caine is such an interesting writer. I love her story lines and can't wait to read more books by her.
Midnighters #3: Blue Noon- I also plan on reading this one. I have read the first two and they are fantastic. Scott Westerfield creates such thrilling plots. I can't wait to really dive into this book.
Wake (Wake Series, Book 1)- This is a series that a lady at the library recommended. I have the firstc hapter or so and am hooked. It si about a girl who basically gets pulled into poeples dreams. Interesting right form the start.
The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl- This I just got again from the library. I love, love, love...cook books. I love browsing the pages and thinking of the wonderful things I will make for my family. When my day gets stressful I can pull out a cookbook and somehow creating nothing out of just flour and sugar and few other ingredients just makes me feel better. 
Theresa Youssef's Vegetable Gardening for Beginners- We are starting a garden this week. This will be my first attem,pt, which I am very excited about. Reading up on it is definitely allowing my confidence to grow in my gardening ability. Wish me good luck :>
Princess Academy- Lastly I just recently found out about this book by reading on someone elses blog. It sounded interesting and I thought I would give it try. I haverequested it form the library and hopefully it will be in soon.

I have a bunch I want to read this month and am excited to dive into all these stories. I don't know about you, but I need my 15 minutes a day (at least) of reading so I don't feel my mind slipping away. Reading is usually my wind down time once the kids go to bed. Whether I am reading a novel, gardening book, or cook book...this down time is vauable to me and I look forward to it at the end of my day. I strongly encourage you guys to try it to. It is always nice and relaxing to just take a few moments for yourself at the end of the day... Are you guys reading anything new? I would love to hear. I love to read and I am always on the lookout for new thrilling and exciting books to read. Happy Reading everyone.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Celebrating Dr. Suess

Celebrating Dr. Suess Activities 

Yesterday was Dr. Suess's birthday. It was the 105th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Seuss. He created such wonderful characters through his stories and was a great promoter of reading that I knew we needed to spend a day of fun celebrating his birthday.I had planned on doing a Day of Dr. Suess in March, but for some reason I spaced the fact that his birthday was at the beginning of March, rather than the end. Lucky for me we have an awesome local library who are always displaying books for whatever holiday, or special event that is coming up. When I went in on Monday I saw they had all the Dr. Suess books out on their big desk for children to choose from. This was a reminder to me of Dr. Suess upcoming birthday. Miss Priss and I picked out some books and began to plan our preschool Dr. Suess day for March 2. Here is what we did.

We read a bunch of Dr. Suess books. 
 The Shape of Me and Other Stuff (Bright & Early Books(R))
The Tooth Book (Bright and Early Books for Beginning Beginners)
The Cat in the Hat

The Foot Book: Dr. Seuss's Wacky Book of Opposites
Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook
I found this Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook at the library on Monday, but after browsing all of the reciepe's I found I was missing at least on ingredient from each one. I was not able to use this book this year, but plan to next year. Maybe you will have better luck with it. It definitely had some fun kid friendly reciepes in it:>

We then made some funfetti cupcakes. The batter was super yummy and we couldn't wait for the cupcakes to get done baking :>

We also did some Dr. Suess worksheets based on The Foot Book: Dr. Seuss's Wacky Book of Opposites and made door knob hangers that we found  here.
To finish out our preschool day I took white card-stock and wrote "Feet, Feet, Feet" on top and then we did footprints on the paper. I painted the kids feet with crayola craft paint and then had them step on the card-stock. The pictures turned out so cute and now we have a little memory page of what size their little feet were at this age. But of course they just liked the fact that they got to put paint on their feet:> Anyways we had a real fun preschool day celebrating Dr. Suess and his many accomplishments through children's literature. Hope all of you are taking some time to have fun with your littles. Have a wonderful day!
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