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Monday, June 21, 2010

Thought For the Day

Key Lime Pie Pictures, Images and Photos

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four peices of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.

-Tenneva Jordan

I found this while cleaning out the computer desk today and just had to share.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I've Fallen in Love With.....


Sense and Sensibility Pictures, Images and Photos

I have never been a particularly big Jane Austen fan until now. I read about the new BBC Sense and Sensibility mini series on Sandras blog and I watched an excerpt from the series on there and then I was hooked. I stayed up and watched the rest of the series. I then went onto our library website and requested the series just so I could watch it again. I even think I might read the book, which is big for me because again I have never really been a Jane Austen fan. I have fallen in love with the characters and the story. If you would like to watch this or read more hop on over to sandras blog.

and this series...

I just finished reading book number three and now plan to go back and read book 1 and 2. It is written so you can read it out of order. I have fallen in love with Parker, Laurel, Mac, and Emma. Their friendship and love for one another is so beautiful and I love how each book in this series deals with one of them and their journey to finding their perfect someone...(can you tell I am a hopeless romantic?) Anyways I highly recommend this to anyone else looking for a happy, sweet, romantic book. Such an awesome read. I couldn't put it down.

Childhood Moments: 5 Fun Facts

My two red heads are two of the funniest kids I know. They are always keeping me entertained and always keeping me guessing. I wanted to do a post on them a spotlight them a little bit.

Bubba is such a highly active, energetic little boy, who at times will be the sweetest gentleman ever. Lately he has been on super-well mannered boy duty. To the point my sisterinlaw Holly asked me if I noticed how good Keagan has been lately. Oh we have noticed. For the past week when doing chores he has not complained, but will ask me if there is anything else he can do to help me. When I ask him to help me with another tasks, he replies with "I would love to mommy". I wasn't joking he has been my super gentleman this week and I am so thankful. Here are just 5 fun facts about my bubba:

1. He loves, loves, looooovvvveeeesss, did I mentions LOVES the computer. He will do any chore, so he can have his precious time on the computer.
2. He is loving Ben 10 right now. We have been getting the seasons from the library and then we all watch them together. He loves it!
3. He loves to have crackers and cream cheese as an afternoon snack. It is his favorite.
4. He loves building castles out of mega blocks. He will ask me to do this with him everyday. It never gets old.
5. His favorite dessert right now are Popsicles (surprise right since it is the summer and all)  :>


Now onto Miss Priss. Laelty Miss Priss has been going through what I call the terrible 3's. Meaning she has more attitude than any one 3 year old should have. I mean look in the above picture and you will see the sassyness that just comes off of her in all she does. She talks all the time about everything. She makes rules for everything and she loves to dress up and pretend. She loves pretty things and will ask me to make her new dresses almost everyday. She loves girly things. Here are 5 fun facts about Miss Priss:

1. She loves dolls, especially ones of different races. She does not discriminate ...all dolls are treated equally. I love this about her. She doesn't care what they look like, but she must take care of them to the best of her ability.
2. She loves bread any kind...and dried fruit. She will beg for raisins.
3. She loves shopping at DI and trying to help me pick out things to re-purpose. She also likes to show me things that I could make for her. A true girl always thinking of fashion.
4. She loves The Little Mermaid and even wants to be Aerial for Halloween.
5. She calls yogurt pudding and pudding yogurt. Such and endearing thing :>

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Game Night: Monopoly

So lately bubba's favorite game has been Jr. Monopoly. He seriously can not get enough. He asks to play this like everyday. Since it is summer I have all of a sudden felt like I have so much more time to be with my kids and I love it. I don't know necessarily what changes once June hits, but somehow we have more time for play and I love it. One thing we have been doing is, much to bubba's delight, is playing monopoly. I got this game at DI for $1.50 it had all the pieces except for 2 of the game markers, which is why a farmer is standing in for my game marker. I think it adds a little more character to the game :> I am thankful for my little boy who has found a love for monopoly just like I had as a kid. I finally found someone who will play it with me non stop:>

Thrifty Spending Moment: Dye your own Hair

Thrifty Spending Moment: Dye your own Hair

So my sisterinlaw and I always do our own hair. We can't bring ourselves to pay saloon prices for something we could really do ourselves. She cuts my hair and I love it because I always love what she does. Also we are confident enough and love eachtoerh enough that we wouldn't be made if one of us screwed up...we would just wear a baseball hat for a while and hopefully learn from the mistake. We are eachothers ginnypigs in the hairdressing department.

Anyways with dye we use to only do one color, but one day we got brave and watched a video on u-tube and then knew we also could do highlights. We have done it twice so far and it has come out so cute. Holly actually has a post on her blog form the first time we did it. It does take us forever, but boy do we have fun chatting it up and of course we catching up on girly movies while we do hair. This time we decided to watch twilight and New Moon, since we will be attending the midnight showing at the end of this month. Oh I can't wait...... anyways... It cost $3.99 for the actually high lighting dye and she still had developer left from the first time we did our hair. So for both of us to get our hair done we spent less than $10 and had a night of sister bonding. Yeah for Thrifty Spending!! :)

Six Flags Trip...

Last weekend My hubby and I got to go away for the weekend with no littles! This is a first for us. The last time we went on a trip together was our honeymoon (almost 7 years ago). I can't believe how long ago that was, but I think between living in another state (away from all our family/babysitters), and going through deployments it just never seemed like a realistic thing. Well I decided that this year for Jason's birthday we would finally take that weekend trip. We have talked about it forever.

Holly and I devised a plan in like March. We decided we would take Jason and Justin (my hubby and his twin brother) to six flags. This seemed perfect because this was the first trip that we ever actually did with the boys (when we were dating). It took three months of saving to have the money for the trip, but it was oh so worth it. Shane and Andrea also came, which made the trip 10 times more fun. I am thnakful for the weekend we had away to just be silly and have fun with each other. Thank you mom and dad for Watching Miss Priss and bubba. They had an awesome time and we literally couldn't have done this tirp without you!

Anyways now back to our trip. We started out Friday night and all rocked it in the minivan (thats right Justin our mini van trumped your SUV on space  and comfort). I'm proud of this fact since my brotherinlaw lovingly dawgs on my mini van routinely. Anyways after a brief stop at Taco bell we were on our way to California. We had the best car ride. Just chatting it up and laughing with our best friends was seriously a great start to a great trip.

Holly and  I

Shane and Andrea

My hubby and I 
(excuse my dorky hand I have no clue what I was doing)

Seriously these guys are not only family, but our best friends.

We decided to do some snap shots in Holly's Grandmas backyard
below is also a picture of my sisterinlaw Andrea. She was like my Barbie doll Saturday morning. I got to tease her hair and re-pierced (not really but kind of) her ears for her

Saturday we spent the day at the park. I don't have many pictures because you have to store everything in lockers, so I took a few pictures and then said goodbye to my camera for the day. We are quite shinny in the pictures because in the morning the heat and humidity was quite unbearable, but it did eventually cool down.

The boys after a day full of crazy roller coasters...
can you tell they could totally keep going

These girls are my besties, my sisters, and I can't imagine my life without them.
excuse again our shinny faces, it had been hot and we were wet from the raging rapids ride.

and finally here are some pictures from our rides home. Jason drove and then the other boys feel asleep. I of course had to take pictures of the sleeping beauties in the backseats.

 Overall we had an awesome trip! Anyways I am thankful for the time we had to go on this trip with our best friends, our family. you guys make each day full of laughter and joy I am thankful we all get to be a forever family. The eternities will be full of laughs with you by our side.

One Last thing.....I didn't want to forget some funny things that happened during our weekend, so I am going to take a minute and list off some funny moments that happen so I don't forget!

1. Girls in tank tops should always wear is not cute if you don't.

2. I seem to tell my hubby he is awesome like a hundred times a day...sorry guys I really do think he is awesome!

3. Remember when you are doing handshakes you need to "shake it like a man"

4. M&M's that cost $6 are absolutely a rip off and it is ok if you annouce it in the Six Flags gift shop.....

5. Also you may not want to cut in line or you might get a "beat down" right Andrea?

6. If you eat a lot of Mayo you could die and diet soda is bad for you too :>

7. Sometimes fat men like to use their bellies as drums when waiting in line for the bathroom.

8. It is OK if a grown man giggles on a roller coaster....his brothers will find it a great way to ream him and his sisters will find it semi-endearing.

9. Sometimes going on a roller coaster can strengthen your testimony on prayer. I know it strengthened mine.

10. and finally spending a weekend with your best friends will remind how blessed you are to have them in your life.......

Random Photos

Man I can't believe how much blogging I have done lately I am actually trying to play catch up and start blogging stuff from last year just because I don't want to miss out on journaling those things...well as I was organizing my pictures on the computers I found some I thought I would share of my cute family. enjoy!

I love all his faces. They always make me smile

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ends of the Earth: From Penguins to Polar Bears

Last week I found out about a neat new exhibit they had at the Galleria mall in Henderson. It is called Ends of the Earth: From Penguins to Polar Bear. It is a place where you can take your kids and explore a little about polar bears and penguins. It was a small exhibit, but worth the time spent. The kids loved exploring and playing together. To find out more go here.

Oh and just a fun surprise we had while at the mall. Every Tuesday Hot Dog on a Stick has $1 corn dogs and after buying our tickets to get into the exhibit we got a coupon for a free lemonade from Hot Dog on a Stick, which made our lunch even cheaper. We were able to eat out for very little, which is always a plus when on a budget. Anyways that is how our day went at the mall enjoy the pictures:>

When you looked through the binoculars you could see different images of icy mountains. The kids thought this was pretty cool

This is the little polar bear cave the kids were able to play in

There was a weighing station for the kids to sit on and then see how much their weight would equal in age if they were a polar bear (did I explain that right?) Keagan weighed to be about a 6 month old polar bear.

Makenze was equally to a 4 month old polar bear

Miss Priss and Kelsie weighed about the same as a 5 month old Polar Bear

This center had a computer quiz game the kids could do. It taught them facts about animals in the arctic. Here Keagan and Hayden were playing against one another.

I look so weird in this picture, but it is the only one I got of the three of us, so I will post it even if I do look like a goober (kind of a run on sentence sorry)

They had costumes for the kids to dress up in as penguins. Of course Miss Priss was all over this and happily posed for a picture

They had a slide for the kids to go down and pretend to be penguins on
This was their favorite part

I love it when babies are learning to walk it is so cute!

Enjoying our $1 hotdogs


This is by far my most favorite picture of the day. Carter just looks so cute with his legs crossed, cowboy boots, and corn dog. I just want to pick him up and give him hugs :>
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