Blissful and Domestic - Creating a Beautiful Life on Less: October 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010


 So I have a confession. I am a horrible mother. I was just going through my photos, getting ready to edit my Halloween ones, and I realized I failed to ever blog about my bubba's birthday. I am so sorry to my bubba and now will be posting from his special day.

We started the day with a pancake breakfast and some presents. He loves to search for them, so we hid them in our shower and waited for him to find them. 

We decided to have the day off from school, so we could go do some fun stuff.
After playing with his toys for a while we got ready for the day. Bubba picked a day at the movies and ice cream for his fun activity. We went to the dollar theater again and then out for ice cream. He was excited to see Toy Story 3 again.

And yes my hubby is holding two cones. He said one cone was just not enough

 After our fun adventure at the movies we went to the park, where his party was being held. All our friends and family came to help us celebrate. We had pizza, cupcakes, and lots of snacks that my wonderful sisterinlaws brought. Thank you to all our friends and family that came to share in Bubba's big day. You mean so much to us.  And to my bubba...I can't believe you are six. You have grown so much and you blow my mind everyday with your crazy antics and silliness. We love you and are so thankful for you and your sweet spirit. Happy Birthday bubba!

There are a lot of pictures, juts to warn you. Enjoy!

 Pinata time

Have a Blessed Day!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Girl French Braid with a twist

 This is my new favorite way to do Libby's hair. I think it just looks so cute on her. Now if I could only figure out how to do it on myself. Anyways her is how you can do it on your little.

Divide the hair, as if you are doing pig tails. Then begin one pig tail. I always start on the right. I then begin to braid going down. I act as if I am doing a pigtail. When I get about to her ear I start to curve the braid to the left.

Once I have completed my braid, I then tuck my braid under and pin with a bobby pin.

Add a cute outfit coordinating flower and viola you have a perfectly pretty braided up do for your little. I hope my directions were understandable. I have never really done a tutorial for a hairdo before, and I am sure it will take some practice to make them simple. If you have any questions let me know and I can try to explain it better.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finding Joy in the Journey: Blogging

I had some interesting thoughts pressed upon my heart the past few days. I read a post written here about reasons why we blog. After reading Monica's post it got me asking myself, what was my purpose for blogging? Well, when I started out a few years ago, I had a private blog. I lived away from all my family. Starting a blog was my way to show my family our everyday activities. It was a way to document the growth of my children. Well as time went on I felt I wanted to do more. I wanted to share more. I wanted to be able to write and not worry that people may not like it. At the time I let my own fear and insecurities stop me. I felt, at the time, that my ideas were not original enough or creative enough. That I was not enough. Because of this I didn't blog about a lot of things.

As time went on, I realized one big thing I didn't blog about was my faith. It occurred to me that I was keeping a huge part of myself hidden. It was  like I had the most delicious brownie, but I refused to share it with anyone. What a sad thought right?

Well at the beginning of this year my wonderful hubby encouraged me to start a public blog. A blog where I could share my ideas and thoughts. He believed in me, when I couldn't. What a wonderful man I am married to. His encouragement brought me to Blissful and Domestic. I have grown so much this year. My blogging has not always been steady, but recently my need to blog has increased. I love signing in and posting. I feel more confident. I don't need 100's of followers. If I can just touch one person and maybe share with them a new craft or idea than I feel content with what I am doing.

My testimony in the Gospel has grown immensely this year. I have been humbled many, many times. I know that I am nothing without my Savior. He has given me everything and I just want to serve him and be faithful. I want to teach my children this. I want them to know that He is bigger than anything. That although we fall short many times, He CAN and WILL make up the difference. This is what I couldn't share before because I was to scared of my own heart.

My blog is a way to document my families life. It is a way to show myself that when I am schooling my children, that it is worth it. It is a reference guide for myself and a cookbook. There have been so many times I need to find a recipe, but the only place I knew it definitely will be, is here.

I am thankful for this blog and for all those wonderful friends who frequent it. Your comments truly mean so much to me. I try to reply back, because I want you to know I appreciate your words. Thnak you for all you do to inspire me. I am thankful for this little corner of the web I occupy. I pray I can continue to inspire you as you inspire me each day.

From the bottom of my heart thank you and please come back to visit. I hope to have some uplifting thoughts and maybe a little craft and schooling ideas as well. Have a Blessed Day!

Home School: Where the Wild Things are

This past week we read Where the Wild Things Are
Here are some of the activities we did to go along with the story book. Most of these ideas I got from 450 More Story S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-r-s (Stretchers) for the Primary Grades: Activities to Expand Children's Favorite Books.

We made monster paintings

We made monster masks

We also made some music makers.
and had a wild rhombus dance party (basically we played freeze dance).

Our week reading where the Wild things Are was so much fun. We ended with them re-telling the story to me. It was neat to see how they could remember all the little details with such enthusiasm.

One funny thing that happened this week was when I told Libby and Keagan we were going to make musical instruments. They got so excited and Miss Priss yelled "We're going to make a radio?". She really thought mommy was busting out electrical wiring equipment. I couldn't stop from laughing. I am glad she believes I can do anything, but make a radio? not in my repertoire  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thrifty Spending: Re-purpose Woman's Lace Skirt

I found this skirt at Target, the other day, on clearance for $4. I loved the lace overlay, but was sad it was all wrong for me. It was too short and not my size. I couldn't put it down though. The lace just hooked me and I knew I wanted this skirt. This got my creative juices flowing. I decided then and there it would become a dress for Miss Priss. Below is how I took a woman's lace skirt and made it into a toddlers dress. Super simple and super cute!


I turned the skirt inside out and slipped it onto Miss Priss. I then pinned the correct width and sewed down the sides.


Please excuse Miss Priss and her bed head. She had just woken up, when I convinced her to let me try this on her. Once I tried on the skirt and knew the width was right, I cut off my extra material. Try to cut close to the seam. You will use this material later for your fabric flower.

Now take one of the strips you cut off and sew a running stitch down the side. Pull to gather (like you would if you were making a ruffle). I then took my ruffle and rolled it up into a flower shape and tack it together. I did this twice. This gave me one flower for the dress and one for her hair.

Hand sew onto the dress. I put mine under the left arm strap. The one for the hair I just hot glued onto an alligator clip.

For the straps I forgot to take a picture, but I just used black gross-grain ribbon. I burned the edges with a lighter, so it wouldn't fray.

Here is what the finished project looked like. Paired with a black shirt, black tights, and black dress shoes. Miss Priss was all ready for church. This is probably my favorite thing I have sewed so far. I am still wishing it was in my size, but seeing Miss Priss and all her cuteness makes me not so jealous of her adorable new lace dress

XO Danielle
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