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Monday, January 31, 2011

100th Day of school!

So I am not really sure when we officially hit the 100th day of school, but I am thinking it was sometime within the past few weeks. Therefore, I knew we were in need of a special day full of 100 day fun. I called up my home schooling buddy Delvonna and we literally spent an hour talking about all the fun we should do with our kids to celebrate this wonderful feat. (Don't worry I called her after 9pm I am always short on minutes with my phone:>) We will be venturing to the other side of town, for a little schooling and fun.

The picture below are of Miss Priss and bubba's 100 day projects. We read  Fancy Nancy: The 100th Day of School (I Can Read Book 1) and talked about what projects we could do to display what 100 looks like. We had to finish these by Friday, so they would be ready to take and share with our friends today. I took pictures of what my littles picked as their projects.

Miss Priss picked foam counting blocks. Even Daddy got in on the fun of counting to 100.

Then we helped Bubba out. He found his more of a challenge, since his were different shapes and sizes. He choose Mega blocks. I had taken ten pieces of paper and skip counted by 10's. This made their grouping into 10's much easier. We will be bringing these to Delvonna's today. All the kids are going to share their 100 day projects with one another. It should be fun to see what everyone thought of.

Here is what else we have planned:

We will share our Projects and read some 100 Day books

Talk about "100 days I couldn't do..."

We will practice skip counting by 5's and 10's using gummi life savers.

We will then go to the park and practice counting by 10's doing sit ups, jumping jacks, races, etc.

We are going to have a yummy lunch like this one we found online.

We will then come back and do a little bit of reading and spelling. We plan to put slips of papers with words into balloons and blow them up. The kids will then pop the balloons and read the words. The older kids will place the words into sentences.

and we will end our day with ice cream sandwiches.

I am so excited to spend this day celebrating with friends. It will be fun to share the teaching for one day:>

We will continue working on 100 throughout this week. We are also going through this book list and will be checking off the ones we have read and tallying them on a sheet. We then will set the goal of reading the rest of the books by June. It will be neat to see if we can read the whole 100 by then. (Thank you Delvonna for the book list link).

anyway hope you guys are having fun with your little's today. I will definitely be taking pictures and posting them soon of our day.

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. sounds like you are doing a fabulous job homeschooling. I am glad you and Delvonna spend lots of time together. Love your ideas.


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