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Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Holiday Recap 2010

Hello everyone! It is so good to be back to blogging this week. The time off sure did wonders at restoring my sanity. It was so fun having an endless day with my children over the past week. No places we just HAD to be at a SPECIFIC time. We slept in...well really only I did because I have an amazing husband who got up with our littles this week, when they got up at 6 am to play with new toys each day. We baked yummy goodies, which I plan to post about later on this week. We played lots of games and had some fun family dinners. Overall our Christmas break was just that, a break from our daily schedules. A time to remember Christ and the importance of our family. I hope you all enjoyed your breaks as well.

I thought I would do a post on what we did over winter break. Here goes it:

 We drank a lot of hot chocolate, in fun, kid friendly, decorative cups
and of course we watched a lot of Christmas movies

we made pj's for our secret Santa friend

My friend Allison and I had a Polar Express play date for the littles

we don't usually hangout by dumpsters, I promise...we were going for a walk to deliver our pj's to our friend who we were doing the 12 days of Christmas for.

 we of course had to stop for some photo ops

we had lots of family come to visit.
Here is the hubby, my dad, and Gary at my mom's house.

 For Christmas Eve Breakfast I made reindeer and snowmen pancakes.


We got dressed up for a party at my parent's house on Christmas Eve.

 the fam

we played a few games and ate ALOT of food.

We came home and opened up our Christmas PJ's

 set cookies out for Santa

 and enjoyed all the goodness that God and Santa blessed us with

 Later on Christmas Day we went to my in-laws to celebrate and eat more yummy food!

 the girls

 sisters (excuse my red eyes)

 the boys

Mom W with all the grand kids that were in town..
(there are actually about 15 total, so far that is)

That pretty much was our time leading up to Christmas. We had so much fun doing our Christmas ABC's, play dates with friends, movie nights, and just spending time together with our family. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday vacation as well. I look forward to sharing some fun things this week. Happy New Year once again! Have a Blessed Day!


  1. I just love all of your pictures! I know my sweet grandbabies were so excited for the Polar Express Day!!! And, as Grammy of Gracie, I am also glad she smiles just as "nicely" for everyone else as she does for me!! :) That sweetie!

  2. I love the reindeer and snowman pancakes. Such a fun idea. Looks like you had an amazing Holiday. There is nothing better than time well spent with family.


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