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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Heart School

 I love School Pictures, Images and Photos
 So if you wondering about the picture, it is only there because I feel like my posts are always a little boring without a little something to catch the eye. Boy do I wish my bubba looked like this every morning when I told him we were starting school. Sadly though he does not flash his pearly whites at me when I make my announcement of schools beginning. Sometimes he does, just because he wants to get done quickly, so he can play video games. Other times it is out of genuine kindness for not wanting to hurt my feelings. Either way I had to include this pic just so I can pretend that my children shout with joy at the start of each day of school. Anywho onto the reason for my posts this afternoon:>

I was going to share individually some math worksheets we have been using but all of the printable's are in pdf form and I can't put the links in this post, so I thought I would just share the link. has some awesome reading, writing, and math worksheets on their site. They are all free and are a great way to supplement any school curriculum you have going on with your littles. I have been printing out the ones that help with skip counting and the seeing and writing numbers.  Just thought I would share. Hope you are all enjoying the weather by you. For us it is a warm 68 degrees. I can't believe it! My littles got hot in their jackets today at the park. Such crazy weather here in Vegas. (Yesterday it was in the chilly 50's) Anyways have a Blessed Day!

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