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Thursday, January 20, 2011

January = Birthday Month

So January is seriously like a HUGE birthday month for my family. We start on the 8th with my motherinlaw Rena and not finish the birthdays till Libby's on the 23rd.  For my motherinlaw, we had a party for her, which I know I took pictures of, but I can not for the life of me find them on my camera or computer. Sorry Mom Wagasky about that one. We did have a surprise party for her though, which I think turned out to be a great success. All the siblings brought food and it turned out to be a yummy feast of Mexican food and Texas chocolate Sheet cake.

Then it was my Grandma's birthday. We all went out to Olive Garden, which has the BEST tortellini Alfredo. Oh man is it yummy! There was cake and presents. It was a fun time to celebrate an amazing women who means so much to our family.

Here she is holding the Valentine's Door Sign I made her.

Miss Priss and GG Grandma

This was the best cake I have ever had! 
I so want to go here on my birthday. (hint hint hubby)
Just so I can have the cake.

Later that same week we had my sisinlaw Holly's birthday. It was also a surprise. All the ladies got together and did up the dinner. Another night of birthday fun!

It was very hard trying to get a group shot of all the ladies
Also sorry for the poor picture quality

My cute brotherinlaw and sisinlaw

So far we are halfway done with our birthdays. All the presents have been handmade and I plan to post about that as well. I love creating for family. Knowing how much they appreciate the time it takes to make something personal makes it all worth it. My sisinlaws present was probably one of my favs. It was super simple and fun to make. Look forward to a post on that one.

Now we still have two more birthdays left this month. My niece Makenze and then Miss Priss ends the month with turning four! She is coutning down the days and can not wait. Anyways my messy kitchen is now calling for my help.

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. We have five bday in January so I know how you feel.
    Looks like all the bday parties were fun.
    Can't wait to see some of the homemade gifts.

  2. Forgot to say....I make a Chocolate sheet cake....I wonder if it is the same one. My husband's bday is next week and I have a request for it. It is a family favorite that has been in both our families for many years.

  3. Wow,You do have a lot of Jan. Birthdays.


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