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Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine's Decorations

Well howdy everyone! Man did I just write howdy? I guess I did. It sure feels like it has been forever since I have worked on a post for the blog. Things have just been busier than ever since the start of this new year. We had a little bit of a rough start getting back into the swing of things. We took two weeks off from school, over the Christmas holiday, and I was very reluctant to come back. The vacation time was just so wonderful I was trying to milk it for all it was worth. But now we are back into school mode and feeling good. I have so much to share. I may have been gone from blogging world for a while, but we were still here learning and creating. I am hoping to catch up on some posts this week. Thank you to all my friends who have been asking me what was going on and why I wasn't blogging. It makes me feel so wonderful knowing I have readers out there who care what I post here in my little corner of the web.

To start off I wanted to share a simple craft I did with Miss Priss this weekend. We decided to put up our Valentine's Decorations. It is maybe a tad bit early, but her birthday is this weekend and we are doubling our Valentine Decorations as fancy party decor for Miss Priss. These decorations took very little time to make and were perfect with littles hands helping. Here is what we did:

I bought a package of foam hearts from JoAnn's. They were $7.99 and 40% off. These ones were perfect because of two reasons. The price and all the glittering goodness they encompassed. The more glitter the better in this family:> I took quilting thread and hot glued hearts onto the thread. Miss Priss picked out all the order of the hearts. The patterns were all her ideas.

For the Heart garland over our couch I used red polka-dot ribbon I found in a 99 cent bin at Joann's.

Below was something I made last year. I found the idea on The Homespun Heart

I used a few fat quarters in pretty girly, Valentine colors and made heart pillows in various sizes.

I then put them in a mason jar that is detailed with a beautiful cursive W. Perfect for adding a little Valentine Flare to my kitchen counter top.

Overall I am loving the way our little apartment looks. It is full of the loving spirit of Valentine's Day already and I just absolutely love it!. Hope you are having a fun time decorating with your littles and I look forward to posting more about our week

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. Danielle...I think you decorated at the perfect time! Heck, if you wait till the first, it's only up for two weeks! And ever home needs a reminder or two about LOVE! Oh, but not yours...seems like there's already lots of love there! Thanks for sharing your adorable ideas! I may just try that puffy heart in the jar thing (if I can get over my sewing machine hatred!-seems that love of sewing may skip a generation here and there, i.e. my mom loves to sew, and Allison does so much on the sewing machine...Me: well, ask Allison about Kayty's black prom dress with all the was a never to be forgotten killer!)

  2. Alright you are back!! Love the decorations. I hope to share some Vday stuff this week too.

  3. I decorated for Valentine's the day after the Christmas decor came down... my house looked too empty. ;)

    Love your heart decorations! That's so fun!


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