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Friday, February 4, 2011

Countdown to Valentine's Day: Day 2 & 3

 Here are our pictures for Day 2 and 3 of our V-Day Countdown. We didn't do an activity on Wednesday, so we made up for that and did two last night. Here is everything we needed for a night of V-Day fun!

For our Day 2 activity we made conversation heart wreath ornaments. Here is how they turned out. I gave the kids a little cup of sweethearts to eat and the rest were for the craft. This made it easier for them to resist eating the ones they would be gluing. My children are sugar-holics and find it hard to resist anything with sugar. I felt I needed to help them out a little bit.



Next we made root-beer floats. We were suppose to do a more V-Day themed dessert,but at the store today they picked root bear floats. That was cool for me because we had left over ice cream at home and root-beer was on sale for 88 cents. I love it how my children have a sense for what is on sale:> I have taught them well. Anyway we watched Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Wubbzy Be Mine, while enjoying our treat.

Our night of Valentine's fun went well. Tonight we will be playing Valentine bingo. If you are wanting to join in you can print bingo cards off here.

Oh and here is one side-note I wanted to share. This is something we did in school yesterday, which is V-Day themed and helped us with our writing:

I wrote things like "Happy Valentine's Day", "I Like You", and other such loving phrases on a sheet of white card stock. I then laminated it. I gave both of my littles a dry erase marker and they practiced tracing the letters. I also had drawn hearts on the sheet as well. This is helping them learn how to draw hearts. Anyway I just wanted  share this, in case anyone is working on writing with their littles as well.

Hope your Friday is full of creating, learning, and growing with your children :>

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