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Monday, February 21, 2011

Itty Bitty Chefs: Monkey Pudding

Doesn't Miss Priss just look adorable in her Chef outfit? She received it as a Christmas gift from her Grandma W. She seriously puts it on all the time. When she plays kitchen in her room, she tells me she needs her apron for when she is making a pickle, apple, tomato casserole. And because of this, I am thankful Grandma W understood and provided her with a fantastic apron for Christmas. Oh and in case your wondering Mommy and Daddy always are the first tasters of her famous casseroles. She just tells us to be careful, since it may be a little hot. She is always cracking us up.

Anyways the reason for my post is to introduce a new series, segment, unit..I don't know what to call it, you fill in the blank. I just know it is something new we are adding into our school/weekly routine.

Miss Priss really wanted to take an Itty Bitty Chef class at our local rec. center, but she was not four when it started, therefore she missed the registration. Because of her sadness at not being able to do a cooking class, I decided we would do one ourselves at home. Yesterday was our first day of doing it and it was a big hit. She can't wait to make something else. She  asked me if we would be cooking tomorrow. I told her I wasn't sure, and she decided to leave her kiddie cookbook out on the kitchen counter, just in case I wanted to look at it while she was sleeping. Subtle I know right. Anyway here are the pictures from our cooking adventure today. We kept it simple, since it was our first official day. I let her do all the work and she couldn't have been more happy about that. We made Monkey pudding. I found it here.
Here is what you need:

Vanilla Waffers
frozen strawberries
1 pkg of instant vanilla pudding
2 cups of milk (called for on package)
1 banana

** Makes 4 Servings **

We used 4 glasses. Miss Priss put about 4 cookies at the bottom of each glass.
We then mixed up our pudding and poured it into each glass
I then let her cut up the banana with a butter knife. A simple, but very grown-up task for her. Can you tell she is concentrating hard on the process?

We added that to the pudding and topped each cup with 1 frozen strawberry.
Chill in the fridge. The strawberry will thaw a little. Once the pudding is set, you have a yummy afternoon snack for yourself and your littles.
I didn't even have to clean off the counter. I told her that part of being a chef was cleaning up the counters when your done cooking. She was happy to oblige. I am hoping to do some new fun recipes with her. Next week we are making chocolate banana pops. She even made up a grocery list of what she would need to make them. I am going to have her help me with the grocery shopping as well. I think it will be fun for her to make a grocery list of needed supplies, purchase them, and then create at home. Hopefully she will have a love for cooking as I do.

Have a Blessed Day!

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