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Monday, February 28, 2011

Updates from Last Week

I feel like I didn't posts very much last week. I had a few plans on some posts, but because of life and all that good stuff I never got around to writing them. Well I decided to just hop online tonight and write an update on all our happenings from last week. Before I get into that I just wanted to share a little something. Tonight I was tired. I mean seriously so tired that the thought of lesson planning tonight and blogging seemed too much. I mean blogging is a hobby, but lesson planning I do have to do since I am kind of my kids teacher. Anyway, I now feel so inspired that I had to share. I went onto the homespun heart, which is one of my favorite blogs. I read how Monica is focusing on making her Home a Haven this week and it just came to me...that is what I should be focusing on. I need to continue taking it slow and just enjoying being home with my children. If any of you want to participate in the Make Your Home a Haven Challenge (I don't think that is the right word, but I'll go with it for right now) here is the link.

Now onto our week:

Well Miss Priss had a bad tooth that needed to be filled. She wasn't in pain or anything, but the dentist was worried it might get infected. The dentist tried to fill it like normal, but my very passionate daughter refused. She allowed them to drill the bad stuff out, but when it came to actually doing the filling, she turned into a crazy girl. She almost kicked the dentist in the head. I kid you not. I had to hold her down just so they could put a temporary in. Being that this is how my daughter acts at the dentist and the fact that she is a very passionate, fighting, red head, we decided to go to a specialist. They actually consider it dental surgery and put the children under anaesthesia, so then all the dental work can be done at once. This is the route we choose to go and that is where Miss Priss and I were last week on Tuesday. She was such a champ and loved all the nurses. They were so good with her and even gave Mrs. Bear her own hat and hospital bracelet.

Once her teeth were all fixed she spent the remainder of the morning like this. She was very tired. Finally by dinner time she came around enough to eat with us.

We also have some fun big news! We are in the process of buying our first home. We are beyond excited. We have started packing and hope to close by April 1. After that, our new abode will need a lot of fixing up, which my hubby is ready for the challenge. This has been a dream, 7 years in the making, so we are beyond excitement.

Also last week the kids and Jason had a fun time learning how to do crab walks, bears crawls, and jumping jacks. At one point daddy and Keagan had a running in place contest in the apartment. I of course had to snap a few photos

Overall with school, packing, cleaning, and all our normal day to day things we kept pretty busy. Hope you all had a wonderful week. I will be pack with more posts tomorrow

Have a Blessed Day!

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