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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrate the Boy: Monster Pillow

I don't know if anyone else has been following the "Celebrate the Boy" month going on over at MADE. Well I have and oh man I am full of wonderful ideas for my bubba. I always feel like it is so hard to be creative for him, which of course leaves him seeing me making dresses and such for Miss Priss and little for him. Well I have dedicated myself this year to being more creative for my boy. Going with this, Dana at Made has shared so many great ideas and shared some wonderful blogs, which also have amazing boy ideas. One idea that was shared was the Monster Pillow. It was a guest post from The Long Thread.

We just found out a week ago that My bubba has two loose teeth. Now we know it will take a while for them to fall out, but I wanted to have a cute pillow to store the tooth when it finally does fall out. I mean we have to make it easier on the tooth fairy when she is trying to find the tooth right? Anyway, this was such a simple project and from start to finish it took under an hour. GO HERE to find the tutorial. Oh and enjoy the pictures of MY BOY and his Monster Pillow

Excuse Miss Priss and her hair. 
We had yet to do her hair for the day, when the picture was taken.

Have a Blessed Day!
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