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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Family Night: Making leprechaun Traps

For Family Night we made our leprechaun traps. The idea is that you make a shiny trap, which will attract a leprechaun. We have been telling Keagan and Libby how mischievous leprechauns are. We have a friend, who basically inspired me for our St. Patty's day of fun, so I am stealing a bunch of her ideas. I hope you don't mind Allison :> Anyway, I told the kids how Allison told me that sometimes the leprechauns will dye your milk green, leave treasures for you to find, etc. The kids have been getting so excited for St. Patrick's day tomorrow. It is so cute!

Because of this we decided to make our traps last night, so tonight we would be able to catch up on some St. Patty's Day reading. Here is what we did:

I searched through my craft supplies for anything shiny and green. Why shiny and green? Well that is what attracts leprechauns of course.

We used a box, #10 tin can, lots of stickers, glitter, 
aluminum foil and green paint.

Oh and some green ribbon as well. 
Don't you love Miss Priss's placement of the ribbon on her can?

They had so much fun making traps with daddy. He seriously got carried away explaining the mechanics of the traps and how the leprechauns could get trapped. So cute!

Tomorrow should be a fun day of Leprechaun fun. Here is our plan for the day:

The kids will wake up and see their traps have been tripped by the leprechauns. They will then go on a search through the house for treasure. I previously purchased St. Patrick's Day socks, gold chocolate coins, and lucky charms cereal. These will be waiting at the end of their scavenger hunt. Isn't it nice that the leprechauns will be leaving us breakfast.

We also plan to dye our milk green, green cookies, green bread, basically green all over the place.

We will be having a green themed dinner. Ham, Green pudding, green potatoes, and green veggies. Possibly green rolls.

There will be some themed fun during school, which I have yet to plan, but I will think of something.

Can you tell Jason and I are just as excited about St. Patrick's day as the kids? We have literally been planning this holiday, and all the day will encompass, for the past few weeks. We are dorks, but man we love having fun with our littles.

Anyways I must go now and tend to my children. I mean it is already 9:30 and we have yet to have breakfast. I know I am hungry.

Anyway, hope you are having fun with your littles. And watch out you never know what those mischievous little leprechauns will do, so have fun with your littles and enjoy the day:>

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  1. WOW! You have some FUN stuff planned for today! Great ideas! I feel bad for the boys....we have nothing. Enjoy your GREEN day!


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