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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Make Your Home a Haven Day 2

 Day two of "Make Your Home a Haven" was a relaxing one for me. I am battling a little with either a cold or allergies. I don't think my body has decided which yet. Any who because of that I am currently already cozy in my pj's and am looking forward to fun night with my family of basically doing very little. Just being warm, cozy, and snacking on goodies:>

Now back to how our day has gone, we started our day off with leftover scones from yesterday and fresh berries. We had to make an early appointment with the dentist. After errands we came home to have lunch. Nothing special. My kids just picked out lunchables at Smith's and it was like they were eating Mcdonald's. Thats how good lunchables are to them:> Such a special treat for them.

After lunch my hubby won the super hubby award for the day. I wanted to let you all know, just in case you were wondering who won today. He took the kids over to my mom's to pick up a carpet cleaner (yes he took them out so I would have a little time to myslef). Man I love that man! I was able to get laundry loaded, the kitchen cleaned (I even have pictures to prove it), and the floor vacuumed. Then my hubby came home and finished cleaning up with me, cleaned the carpets, and cleaned out the dishwasher :> It seriously was amazing!

After school I didn't have to catch up on any cleaning. I am thankful for a husband who is my best friend and who is willing to help out whenever I am need of it. He is absolutely an amazing person, who I am forever grateful to have as my eternal companion:> I love you babe!

Than to make our day even sweeter he just went to the store and bought Megamind for our family to enjoy together today. We will be having a wonderful Family Home Evening tonight:>

Hope you all have a wonderful night with your loved ones. Oh and below are the pictures of my clean kitchen. Our kitchen in this apartment is small, but gleaming from the shine :>

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. What a neat day for you! Thanks for sharing about your blessings!


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