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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mommy Soapbox Friday

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I do have a bunch of crafts and some school stuff to share, but I thought I would do a Mommy Soapbox Friday Posts. Now this will be a first, but I definitely think it will be worth it and maybe even a regular thing.

I have had a few things happen this week that have led up with the thoughts on my heart this morning. I was reading on a friends blog yesterday about her struggles as a mommy. My heart went out to her. I could empathize with her. I have had similar feelings and struggles, as I go throughout my day with my littles.

Then last night I had an interesting late night talk with my hubby. Oh and when I say late, I mean late. We started talking at midnight and next thing we knew it was 1:30am. Do you ever have that happen when talking with a good friend? That is how it is with my hubby. We can talk about everything and anything. Then the next thing we know, time has juts flown by. I love that about him.

Well now back to my reason for posting today, I think it needs to be re said that being a Mom is a hard thing. It is not , as my husband would say, "rainbows and lollipops" every day. There are noses to be wiped, tears to be dried, and sometimes noses to be put in the corner. I know these are all moments that take place in our house each day, and I am assuming I am not alone in that.

I've mentioned before that I think as mom's, sometimes we feel we must be a "super mom". There is no such thing, but I think everyone has an image, in their head, of what a "super mom" is. I think it is good to have a goal of wanting to be better everyday, but I think it is important to not be so hard on our selves.

I am thankful for fellow bloggers, who share their struggles. I think it is in those moments that I feel uplifted. I know that I am not the only one that struggles from day to day. I love my children and would never want to do anything, besides being a mother and wife, but at times I need strength.

Now onto my conversation with the hubby last night. We started talking about how we are teaching our children and then our conversations drifted to Christ in the garden of Gethsemane. 

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We talked about all that took place there. We talked about how Christ didn't have to die for us, he didn't have to suffer for us in the Garden, he choose to. While kneeling in this beautiful garden, he felt every single emotion we have ever felt. Every tear full moment, for everyone who has ever lived and will lived on this earth. What a burden that placed on his shoulders, but he knew there was no other way for us to return back to our Heavenly Father. I knew all these things last night, while talking to my hubby, but somehow I felt reassured that these things were true. I felt a great comfort being wrapped around me. I knew the holy spirit was testifying to me again that this was true. That every moment I have with my family, he has felt. He is the only person, who truly knows my heart. I am thankful for this knowledge. To know I have a Savior. A best friend in this world who will never leave me.

I just felt I wanted to share this with you all this morning. I wanted to share that when times get hard, fall to your knees. "A man can never stand as tall as when he gets down on his knees". I truly believe that. When we fall to our knees is when we admit that we can not do it on our own. We accept that we need help. Being a mother and wife is hard, but is oh so worth it. When our children look back on their childhood will they remember a clean kitchen and dusted counter tops or will they remember the games we played and the hugs we shared? I think it will be the latter. Being a mother is a great gift from God, which we are given. I pray that we all, as moms, give ourselves a little slack. That we remember we can not do it alone. We have each other to share with and uplift, and we have a Savior who will always be by our side.

I mean how can we see pictures like these and not love being a wife and mother? I know I can't.

 I pray your day today is an easy one, filled with little giggles and smiles. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend:)

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