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Friday, March 18, 2011

Yo Ho! A Pirates Treasure hunt For Me!

Over this past weekend I was inspired while browsing over at MADE. I seriously love Dana! She has the best ideas. I always leave her blog wanting to sew and create things for my family. Friday night I saw her Pirate Post. I didn't go to the extent she did, mainly because I knew I wanted to do this as a fun Family activity for the next day. Saturday we designated as official Family pajama day. We literally did not get out of pj's until about 3 pm, when the littles decided to go outside and play in the rocks and dirt. This will explain why my littles are still in pj's, while on the treasure hunt.

Anwyays now back to our Pj/Pirate Saturday. I quickly went through my craft supplies and came back with the items needed to create a treasure map, telescopes (is that why they're called?), and pirate hats. The kids decorated their pirate hats and then we were ready for the treasure hunt.

Daddy even helped out the little pirates, when they were looking for their treasure. It was hidden behind the closet door, they just kept going right past the treasure. It was so cute. When they did eventually find their treasure, this is what they found.

I raided our craft supplies and food storage and came back with all these goodies. 1 bag of M&Ms, 2 boxes of coloring pencils, 1 folder for each little, filled with coloring paper. They loved their treasure and even brought them to church today, minus the candy. That has since been opened and munched on.

Our family fun Saturday turned out to be a blasts and cost us absolutely nothing. Thank you Dana for the inspiration and thank you Miss Priss and bubba for always making our family fun days worth it

Hope you stop and have some family fun this weekend with your littles. Have a wonderful weekend!

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