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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Benjamin Franklin

Today I want to share a simple learning activity we did on Benjamin Franklin. I try to have us read a book and do an activity/watch a cartoon about a specific person in American history each week. Today we did Benjamin Franklin.

We used a Rookie Reader biographies book, which I found at the library. The Rookie Reader Library is huge. It has a huge selection of biographies, which can all be found at your local library.

We also used a Weekly Reader book on Benjamin Franklin. The Weekly Readers also have a huge selection to choose from.

Once we read and talked about Benjamin Franklin, we watched a movie about him. I found the cartoon at the library. It is part of the Animated Hero Classics.

I also like to have the kids color a picture of each person we learn about. I used this coloring page.

I found it on Raising Your Kids.

Here is a typical schedule, for the week, when we are learning about a historical figure.

Tues: Read a book about our person and watch a cartoon/activity

Thurs: Read a different book and do coloring page of person/activity

We do this two days a week. On the other days we do science.

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