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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Countdown

Starting today I am doing a 13 day countdown to Easter. I have readings and activities planned for each day. I thought I would share them here first, just in case anyone else wanted to join in on the fun.

We will be using the Gospel Art Kit, as well as The Story of Easter by Gwen Ellis. I will also read a few of our Easter books found on our Book List.

Day 1: Jesus Borrows a Donkey Luke 19:28-35.
We will color this picture of a donkey.

Day 2: Jesus Rides in like a King. Luke 19 36-38, John 12:12-16
We will do this coloring page.

Day 3: The First Lord's Supper. Matthew 26: 26-29, Luke 22:18, Mark 14:25.

We will talk about the sacrament and why it is important. We will also do a FHE lesson on The Resurrection found here.

Day 4: Jesus Prays for Help. Matthew 26:36-40, Mark 14:32-42
Do Carnation activity and talk about how Christ can take our sins away from us.

Day 5: Jesus is Arrested. Matthew 26:45-56, Luke 22: 45-51
We will make Hot Cross buns.

Day 6: Pilate Questions Jesus. Luke 22:52-23:25.

We will also read John 1:29 and talk about Christ being the lamb who takes away our sin. We will do this craft with this coloring page.

Day 7: Jesus is killed on a cross. Matthew 27:27-40, Mark 15:25-27 We will make this Chocolate Easter Tomb treat.

Day 8: A Dark Day. Matthew 27:45-54; Luke 23:44-49; Hebrews 9

Talk about the difference when the lights are on and off and how that relates to our life with or without Christ in it. We will have some fun with flashlights too :>

Day 9: Jesus is Laid in a Tomb. Luke 23:50-56; Matthew 27:62-66; John 19:38-42
Make Paper Plate Tomb Craft.

Day 10: A Big Surprise. He is Risen. Matthew 28:1-10 We will make Resurrection rolls.and do this lesson and craft.

Day 11: Jesus is Alive! Matthew 28:5-8; Luke 24:9-12
We will review by doing a Family Home Evening lesson I found at LDS

Day 12: Jesus Appears to a Room full of Friends. Luke 24: 33-49

Talk a little bit about he plan of salvation too. Do a short lesson found here.

Day 13: Jesus Goes to Heaven. Luke 24:50-53; Acts 1:6-11

We will do this Easter countdown booklet I found it at We Talk of Christ, We rejoice in Christ. This blog has some amazing ideas, if you are wanting to share the scriptures more fully with your children. Thank you Allison for telling me about this wonderful blog.  I plan to do a Resurrection Easter egg hunt I found HERE. And then we will review our Easter timeline (I will be putting up Gospel Art Kit pictures each day to coordinate with our readings.)

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