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Monday, April 25, 2011

I just have a few quick thoughts I wanted to share, while my littles are veggie out to cyber-chase. I swear they just love that show. Anyways is anyone having trouble still receiving my blog updates? If so anyone have any tips on how I can fix that?

I plan on getting some posts up tonight. I am going to dedicate this week to our Easter week wrap-up. I am going to share what we did, what we wore (yes I ended up sewing something for miss Priss and I), and what we ate. I figured that would make for a good week of posting. One Friday I am planning to start Feature Friday. I want to feature a new follower each week and tell you guys about all the cuteness you can find on their blog.

I do have new buttons you can grab. If you get featured please feel free to grab one and proudly show it on your blog. Either way please grab a button. It took my a few hours to figure it out and then finally this sweet lady explained how. I love it when friends put helpful links on their blogs. Thanks Jill! Here is a direct link to the tutorial on how to add your own button. And hope you are having a fabulous Monday!

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