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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Learning Soft G

We learn a new letter sound/ phonic rule each week.
This past week we have been focusing on Soft G and Hard G.
Here is what I have been doing to teach my little's.

 Here are a few worksheets, which I have found, that deal with hard G and soft G. I found them at Super Teacher Worksheets. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page where the Soft G and Hard G worksheets are.

I also have been reading the kids these books, which help them to learn more about the two sounds G makes. I was able to request both of these from my local library.


Each day we read these two books, during breakfast, and talk about the different sounds. After breakfast we use the flashcards. I give each child a few flash cards. They then have to read the word and then place it in the "Hard G" pile or the "Soft G" pile. We did the same thing when we were learning Soft C. This has worked wonders for them. They are really hearing the difference and recognizing what makes a word soft or hard.

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