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Monday, April 18, 2011

A little Change...

Sorry no Sunshine Monday post today. This has definitely been a manic Monday. Not stressful, just have been busy. I will be back next Monday with a new Sunshine post. I do hope thought that your Monday is full of loads of Sunshine. I did want to share a little something though. Since I am planning on really focusing this summer on our homeschooling curriculum for next year, I plan on doing my own, I thought I needed a more organized space to share it all. I decided to create another blog, specifically for my homeschooling posts. I will slowly be transferring my homeschooling stuff from this blog to there. I did; however, get a new post up there this morning. We recently learned about Bejamin Franklin and I wanted to share what we did. Go HERE to find out.

The new blog section will be accessible through the tabs above or you can just go to Blissful and Domestic Learning. That is all for now I hope you are having a wonderful Monday.

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