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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random Thoughts From a 6 and 4 Year Old

My children are very random sometimes. I seriously wonder often, throughout my day, where they come up with the things they say. I figured I should maybe share a few, so I don't forget these moments, especially when I am stressed from having a "homemade" turkey salad on my carpet (made by a four year old) or when my daughter sings from the bathroom "I pooped, I pooped, I pooped" as she gets louder, and higher pitched, with each verse (again the same four year old).

Last night we were driving to my inlaws when my son and daughter were, very enthusiastically, talking in the back seat. Then bubba starts talking in his Super Evil Villain voice. Husband says "Keagan no more using your evil voice"...Bubba replies with "Man why are you always telling me that?" We have to tell him often to turn down the evil voice. He really likes Darth Vader :>

My children playing on the computer yelling "how do you like me now! huh? How do you like me now?"

Today my daughter is eating animal crackers and she turns to me and says, "They are so good dipped in water it makes me want to cry".

and just because there was a time in my life when I was obsessed with Kim Anderson pictures. Yeah, I would save the daily calendar pictures and then make collages and decoupaged all over boxes. I was a crafter from a young age I guess. I yearned for the cute and domestic. My wedding invitations even had Kim Anderson like pictures on them. I just have a soft spot for simple, adorable pictures :>

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  1. I'm pretty sure we are friend soul mates now because I used to be obsessed with those pictures, too, and had my bedroom walls in high school covered in them!

    I had something similar at my wedding, too. Crazy!



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