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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time Out


So I don't know what goes on in your house, but in ours my children end up spending a little bit of each day in time out. Now I know everyone has different methods for what they consider "time out", I am just sharing what time out is in our home. I personally believe that children should know there are limits and consequences if we go beyond those limits. It is a fact of life and I figure lets teach them while they're young. Any-who, we used to do a timer for time out, but it seemed that Miss Priss could entertain herself or she would spend most of the time yelling "Can I get out yet?" over and over again. I am sure you can only imagine how pleasant that is to hear over and over again. Well that wasn't working for me. It wasn't working with bubba either. He didn't seem to care about putting his nose on the door. He would do his time and rush off to play. It didn't seem like they were getting much from the discipline. Well one day my husband had this amazing idea, "Why not make them count". Count in time out? Oh yes! We make our kids do lots of things in time out.

To start off we had Keagan practicing counting from 1-100, than we moved on to counting by 2's. Well once he got real good at that we moved onto writing his first and last name three times nicely. His first is a cinch, but for some reason he dreads writing the last name. Crazy I know. For Miss Libby we did counting by 10's to 100 and now she is working on counting 1-100. My personal opinion is that if you have misbehaved and have been forced to have a time out, you might as well get in some learning while you are taking that time out.

We plan to keep this going. My hubby says we will move up and have them practice multiples, etc. I can not say this means my children will be in time out less, but they are getting really good at counting and writing their names:>

Hope you have a fabulous day with your littles!
And here are some adorable pictures of Miss Priss in time out
 I love the one that shows her scrunched up nose. It is just too stinkin cute!


Oh and yes my military husband does 
make them hold their arms behind their back :>


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  1. counting and all that stuff is brilliant.

    I love the arms behind the back my sister had her daughter put her hands on the wall once so she looked like a little perp. it was the funniest thing since ever since that time for a couple months she'd assume that pose whenever in time out and she was only 1 at the time here's a pic


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