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Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

Warning this post is going to be a bit heavy on the pictures and maybe on the typing as well. Sorry my littles are to dang cute and we had too much fun this week. I was forced to take pictures of those cute freckled faces and now I must blog about it. We got to hang out a lot with friends. We went to the park, went to the Momron Fort, and even had a fun playdate, which ended up turning into dinner and a movie night.  This week went by way too fast, but we absolutely enjoyed every minute of it.

For most folks here in Vegas, the kids are on Spring Break. Well I am pushing our spring break back a little. I want to save it for when we officially move into our house. Despite this, we were able to hangout with some close friends of ours, who were on Spring Break.

We started off on Saturday by going to the Dollar Theater. I know I have talked about it HERE and HERE on my blog. I just love it! I mean where else can I do a movie and lunch for under $10?

Well we went and saw Gnome and Juliet. It was such a cute movie. I wanted to save us some more money, so I kind of sneaked in our own hotdogs. I cooked them at home, wrapped them in foil, and brought my "BIG PURSE". I did however buy the kids each a soda there. I figured this made up for my sneaky antics.

On Tuesday we met some friends at the Mormon Fort. This was the best place to take all our littles. Their is a natural spring there, which the kids were trying to skip rocks in and build a Dam. There is plenty of dirt to dig in, plenty of space for littles to jump and run around in, areas for picnics, and some historic value for us moms who need a little educational uplifting every now and then:>


These boys were cracking me up here. 
Here is how their conversation went:

Adam: Did you hear about Japan?
Keagan: Of course I heard about Japan. (he says sarcastically)
Adam: Well do you know why it happened.
Keagan: Of course I do. A volcano.
Adam: Well you know it was because of a tsunami too.
Keagan: Well yeah I know that.
Adam: You know sometimes a natural disasters can happen 
at the same time.
Keagan: yeah I know that.

They both pause to think and then continue talking about volcanoes and earth quakes. You know normal boy weather stuff






Isn't this archway (I forget what it is really called) beautiful?







Wednesday was spent doing laundry and cleaning, you know all those menial tasks, which somehow us moms are suppose to accomplish on top of everything else. Somehow I did and I was even able to finish this book, while my littles played outside with some neighborhood friends.

by Heather Davis

Such a beautiful love story. I absolutely recommend it.

Thursday was spent doing school, just any other day, but I felt like we needed a playdate. I called up my good friend Allison and her and her gang of littles came over to play. Originally we were just doing a play date, but time got away from us and we ended up having dinner and watching Megamind ,with the littles. I love when you just lose track of time with a good friend. That's when you know that you guys can literally talk about anything and not get sick of eachother. There was no crying from littles or anything. Absolutely wonderful:>




Our dinner. 
Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes. 


And now we are onto Friday. Yogi Bear is suppose to come in the mail today, from Netflix. I am hoping so, because I think my littles and I are in need of a movie/pajama night with daddy. I love comfy Fridays

Oh and if anyone is looking for a fun, inexpensive activity for the weekend, I have heard that Ethel M. Chocolate Factory is doing something. They are having an Egg-extravaganza this weekend. Full of sweets, the Easter Bunny, balloons, and face painting. It is free to tour the cactus garden and to receive pictures with the Easter Bunny. Oh and yes I said FREE. Perfect Family fun, when living on a budget:> Hope you have a fun filled weekend with your littles:> 
and Happy Easter!

Oh and here is my Weekends With the Kids final break down for this month.

Leftover money from last week: $15

Movie tickets for 3: $4.50

2 sodas: $6.00

Mormon Fort: $1

Ethel M: Free

Will let kids each buy a candy there: $4.00

= -.50

For the month of April I have only gone over my budget by .50 cents.
I know I am over, but I still only spent $20 this month on family, fun activities.
I think this has showed me that, when creative, I can take my family out and have fun. We can enjoy each other and do a fun activity on a budget.
I am not sure if I will post a break down next month, but I will keep trying to spend $20 or less on our family fun, weekend activities.
I think I may just switch and on Fridays so a week wrap-up and feature on of my followers. What do you think?

ALso if you are looking for some more ideas and thrifty spending click HERE.

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