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Friday, May 13, 2011

Cropped Shorts & Safety Pins

Here is a little fact about me. I love, love, LOVE skirts in the winter. I seriously wore them all winter long. I just am more comfy in a skirt than anything else. Well now with summer coming, I decided I needed a little bit more than just skirts in my wardrobe. I had a few pairs a pants, which received no use or love during winter, so I decided to bring them back to life again. I cut them at the knee and then rolled them over twice. I then sewed around the edge. This took me just 5 minutes, and then I had a fun, new pair of shorts to wear this summer. Oh and FYI, when you live in Vegas and the temp reaches above 100 you need shorts and alot of them. (sorry for that huge run on sentence).


Now for my fashion tip. This orange shirt, which I am wearing in the pictures below, is one that was on its way to my re-purpose pile. I have always worn it with a shirt underneath, but I was getting tired of that look. I couldn't wear a shrug, because the shrug would always fall over on the shoulders and I didn't feel covered enough. Then I thought of saftey pins. These buggers are my new best friends!

I pinned the shrug to my shirt, thus allowing for everything to stay in place. Now there is no problem with my modesty or coverage. Just thought I would share this tip and have a wonderful day!


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  1. I am a fan of safety pins too! I have a gorgeous dress that is just a touch too revealing so I always pin the "v" up a bit. They are great stitch markers in knitting too!
    Rea x

  2. What a great idea! I have always liked shrugs, but they slip around on me and I just spend all my time holding on them. Thanks for sharing!


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