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Friday, May 20, 2011

Featured Friday

Welcome to another Feature Friday. Before I get on with the features, I have a few thoughts such reminders.

-First of all Don't forget the fabric bracelet give-away. Today is the last day to enter. I will announce the winner on Monday.

-Thank you for all the sweet comments I have received this week. You totally make my day, truly you do:>

-Today is moving day for us. I am so excited! My Mom is taking the kids for the night, which will give me amble time to clean and unpack. I am hoping to have the Internet tomorrow in the new house, but who knows for sure. I do have posts scheduled for the next coming week, so sorry if I don't response right away to e-mails and comments. Once I am back online I will catch up. I will look forward to hearing from all you lovelies on Monday:>

-Oh and this is just funny and and a little awkward, so I thought I would share. This morning I was woken up by the guy who was coming to hook up the gas in the new house. He was giving me an hour warning call, to tell me he would be coming. I quickly threw on jeans, t-shirt, brushed my teeth, and drove over to the new house. Well when the Gas guy got there, after talking a little while, he started asking me if my husband was buff. He was amazed at all the work done in the house and figured I must have a buff husband. I just thought this was funny. Not sure why he was so curious about my hubby's muscle mass, but it definitely made it a little awkward and then funny when I told hubby.

Any-who now onto the features...

I have seen some really cute stuff out there in blog land, that I knew I had to share. If you are featured fell free to grab a button.

I am loving this Gallery wall from Embracing change. I love the chalkboard frame. I kind of want one in my kitchen.


I really like this Summer Time Rag Wreath from Dragonfly Designs.


I have a thing for tea pots, cows, and pitchers, which explains my love for this simple pitcher redo. It is beautiful and now I want one. This one is from Homeroad


Who doesn't want some cuteness for the outside, considering all the warm weather. The Bee Hive Times came up with a cute no sew flag for your walk. I love it! Aren't those flower post cute as well?


Once we are unpacked I want to make this dress, from Blooms and Bugs. I love the shoulder strap and ruffle. It is too cute! Oh and the stripes. Who doesn't love stripes?


This table runner is fantastic, from JessaJill. I am needing to make one of these.


Look at this Memo Board, from Stylish Once Again. Such a fun re-purposing project.


And Last, but not least, Look at these cute magnets from Pink Ink Doodle.
Too cute!



  1. Thanks so much for featuring my pitcher Danielle, I'm following and I put your button on my sidebar!
    Have a great day!

  2. You are so sweet for featuring me today and COMPLETELY made my day! thank you!!!! I' your newest follower, too!
    Happy moving!
    Q. Bee

  3. thank you for featuring my marble magnets and all your wonderful comments!

  4. Thanks so much for the feature of my memo board. I am your newest follower!


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