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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Little Upcycling Going a on..

I just wanted to give you guys a big thankyou for all the sweet comments again. I swear each morning I come on here and I have comments, with sweet words from all you ladies. It makes want to blog and share projects with you even more. I am still racking my brain for a celebrate 50 giveaway. I am hoping to figure it out by this weekend. I mean it has to be fabulous. It will be Blissful and Domestic's first giveaway.

Any-who I wanted to let you all know that Jill at Creating my way to success is having an up-cycling challenge this week. She challenged herself to go through her remake pile and she is sharing all her ideas, each day this week. She was even wonderful enough to feature a few of my projects. Like this one, this one, and that one. If you don't know her blog, you really should hop on over there. She is seriously the sweetest lady ever and has some great up-cycling ideas. Check her out!

Oh and in-case you didn't know today is my b-day and I am so dang excited! Hubby and I will be out on the town in just 12 hours! Well really out on the town for us has a lesser meaning, than for most people. We are going to see I am Four, which lucky for us is playing at the dollar theatre. Then we are going to Arby's (my pick I love those Beef n' Cheddars), and then I want a cozy night at home cuddling in pj's and watching Flashpoint - The First Season. May seem boring to some, but for us this is going to be awesome. My Mom is taking our littles for the night, so it will be nice to have a night of just being with the hubby. Anyway hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and a great night with Jason!

    I'm so lucky that I get to call you my friend. You are so fantastic and I hope your birthday is great, too!

    I have a little something for you, but I'm going to have to bring it by a different day. ;)

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy, happy birthday to you. I love a Beef n' Cheddar too. Yum!


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