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Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Home: Part 1

As most of you know my Hubby and I purchased our first home recently. Read about it HERE. Well many have been asking for pictures of the house. It is a HUD home, meaning we bought it as is and need to fix it up. I have the before pictures and then the after pictures as of May 4. It is amazing how much Hubby has done. He has done all the work himself. I can take no credit. He does have some amazing brothers who have helped out as well. Thanks guys! That roof would not have gotten fixed without your help. Now onto the pics.

Here are the before pictures first.


Here is the laundry area


Yep that is right there was no kitchen.
just the little counter top to the left.


living room


Living room part 2


Master Bedroom


Eating Area



Kids Bathroom

Now Here are the after pictures.
I added notes to tell you what hubby did.


This is Miss Priss's room. He had to replace all the wood on the floor.
Sorry no before of this one, but it was REAL bad.
There was a lot of water damage, 
which was why he replaced the floor boards.


Laundry Room



Kitchen. That's right he's building me cabinets.


The living room.
He ripped out the carpet and painted the floors brown 
(this brown will be throughout the whole house)


The dry wall had water damage, which is why he ripped it out.
Yep my man is pretty tough.
Ripping out walls and such :>

Here is a run down of all Hubby has done so far:

-replace the roof
-ripped out all the carpets
-sanded and painted the floors brown
- replaced Miss Priss's floor
-ripped out the kids bathroom bathtub and the dry wall
-built cabinets
-put counter top in
-put in stove, sink, garbage disposal
-fixed water heater
-install swamp cooler
-put primer on most walls
-painted Miss Priss and Bubbas walls
-install washer and dried

What he will be working on this week:

-putting on cabinet doors.
-finishing little touch ups to the paint in the kids rooms
-fix dryer, since I messed it up when I was there today.
sorry hubby!

and anything else he fancies to do this week.

Friday is the big moving day!
I am so excited!
I was at the house today cleaning a little and I unpacked a few boxes.
It was so fun thinking I will be cooking dinner there on Sunday.
I am thankful for a hubby who seriously CAN do anything he puts his mind to.
He amazes me everyday and I love him so much.

Thank you honey so much for helping to make this house a home.
I love you so much and love you for all the work you have done.
I thank you for the long days you have put in, while working on this house.
For the littles things you have added to the kitchen, because you knew I would appreciate them.
You blow me away everyday with your thoughtfulness.

I love you and thank you thank you thank you!

I will try to take some more picks of the progress this week.
hope you all are having a wonderful week so far.
Happy Monday!

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  1. Wow your new home is going to be fantastic! Well done on all the hard work! We bought our house 8 years ago and have almost finished doing all the work we wanted to do. once we get finished everything will need doing again! Take care

  2. Yay! I love seeing the pictures of your new home. It's going to look SO wonderful! I'm so happy for you... even if I'm going to miss living so close to you like crazy!

  3. Wow! It sounds like your husband can do anything. Good luck with the move and have fun decorating!

  4. It has been some time since I have visited your blog. I am so glad to be catching up with you. Congratulations on the house. It is going to be fun to watch you fix up and make it home.

  5. Congrats on your new home! And lucky you, that you have a hubby, with bros., who have the time and ability to remodel! That's always a big plus. Can't wait to see the finished rooms.


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