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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sewing Quickie: Church Totes

I made these Church totes, last week. Miss Priss already has a Church tote, which she carries her crayons and coloring books in. These are to be used during sacrament meeting at church. Bubba had one too, but doesn't know where it is. After having to cart around his stuff myself, I knew I needed to come up with something else.

I went through his closet and found a shirt, which didn't fit him anymore.

I cut two big squares out of the shirt. One for the front of my bag, the other for the back of my bag.

I used some grosgrain ribbon for the handles.

I put right sides together and sewed around the outside of the bag, with a zig zag stitch. I then did a straight stitch across the top. It is cotton, so it shouldn't fray. I sewed it just for looks.

I then added my two straps and then I was done. Bubba now has a fun church tote, to carry all his coloring stuff in. I also took a little piece of fabric from another shirt, sewed around the edges, added Velcro, and made a crayon pocket.

While sewing, I decided to make me a simple little bag to carry my scriptures in.
I took a pant leg off a pair of pants I cropped. Sewed the bottom, to create a bag. Used the other pant leg to make my strap and the flower. Added velcro, and a button to the flower. Then I was done.


For more sewing tutorials and ideas click HERE.

I figure these are two VERY simple projects, which don't really need tutorials. If you do have any questions on what I did, let me know. Hope you have a wonderful day and Happy Sewing!

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