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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Few Things...

So hubby and I were just looking over the pictures from The Sassy Side Bun Post and we could not stop laughing. He told me I looked like I was channeling Ben Stiller, in Zoolander. He said I was working the Blue Steel pose a little too much. Not really planned, but go back and look at the pictures I am sure you will get a good laugh, at my expenser, which is totally ok I sure couldn't stop laughing :> Oh and here are some pictures for comparison purposes.

Also today I got a letter from my friend Tasha, asking if I had any hair styles for people with short hair. I wanted to specify that my hair is actually only barely shoulder length, but any of these styles will work for short or long hair. Seriously try them out and you will be surprised how fabulous your hair will look.

Anyways hope everyone is having a fabulous Thursday. I plan to do NOTHING. Seriously nothing. The kids have requested a pajama day, which I was totally all over that. Who doesn't love a lazy day, watching movies, and eating yummy snacks. We may throw a run to thew library in for good measure, but other than that I am totally scrubbing it today.

Hope you have a great day!

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