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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pintucks and Ruffles: Rosettes Elastic Headand

Alright Ya'll I know that I orginally said Hair Week would be over on the 11th, but I lied. Well I didn't really lie, we just had so many awesome ladies want to be apart of Hair Week, that I extended it another day. I am sure you won't mind reading about some more cuteness for our hair right? Today we have Brittany, from Pintucks and Ruffles. This is a new blog I have fallen in love with lately. Brittany and her sister Lindsey have a lot of repurposing projects, which are of course a fav of mine. What they do with clothes is insane. I love it! I always leave Pintucks and Ruffles, wanting to bust out some fabric and get to sewing. They are a must read.

Blog Meet Brittany

So, I have to say first off that I have a love-hate relationship with headbands.  They are adorable, but give me a massive headache and I end up taking them off after about an hour.  Enter the elastic headband!  No hard little nobbins pushing against your head.  They're nothing short of a miracle.

For this headband you will need:

  • 1-inch wide strips of fabric of various lengths (I used yellow and white striped and teal, but you can pick whatever color combination works for you.)
  • Fabric glue
  • A scrap piece of heavyweight fabric
  • An elastic headband in a corresponding color
  • A sewing machine
  • About 2 hours
Start by making some twisty knotted flowers.  You know the ones.  They've been popping up all over the crafting world (and Anthropologie) for a while now, and are SO easy to make.

Start with a 1-inch wide strip of fabric, twist the end and tie a small knot (as close to the end as possible.)


Then, with the fabric folded in half (so the underside doesn't show) twist the fabric while wrapping it around the knot you just made.  Use small dabs fabric glue to hold it in place every couple of twists.

Once your flower is the size you want, glue any excess fabric to the underside of your flower.



Make 3-4 of these in different sizes and colors.  (If you make too many, you can always attach them to a tshirt, pillow, hat, lampshade, or wreath.  Or whatever else you can think of.)

Arrange your flowers on the piece of scrap fabric.  Glue them to the fabric, and also use dabs of glue to attach the flowers to each other.  (Otherwise, they end up flopping around.)

After the glue has dried, trim off all excess fabric so that it is hidden underneath the flowers.

Now simply take your flower arrangement and glue it to your headband.  After the glue has dried, wear it around and feel pretty!

I couldn't get any good self-portraits of my head, so I tried it on my lamp.  It looked great on her.


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