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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Plain Jane?

So what do you do when you have a night like this?

Hubby deicdeds to tweak the blog, sorry if anyone had to experience the colorful mess he made it last night. (love you hubby and thanks for trying) I asked him what he was doing. He replied with, "I'm a Veteran and I can click buttons!"I start laughing, the littles start yelling "Don't touch Mommy's blog!" Hubby than asks me how I could be so creative, yet have a blog that looks so "plain Jane", as he lovingly puts it. I tell him simple is better, with a bit of flare on the banner. He still disagrees and tells me I should ask you readers what you think. So that is what I am doing. Do you guys like it better when a blog is simple and it is the posts that add the color and creativity to the blog or do you like a little more color? I am absolutely interested in what you think more so for hubby's sake. I am hoping some may agree with me and I can have a "in your face" kind of moment. You know what I mean. Alright so I put it to you, let me know does Blissful and Domestic need a make-over or is it fabulous as is?

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  1. Well you know me and my blog changes often!!! I do like a simple blog and sometimes try mine like that for a week or so, but I always go back to something with lots of color or design. That is just me. When it comes down to is YOUR blog. You are the one living here and doing all the work. Decorate it as YOU like. BTW I LOVE what you have right now!! Simple, but with a little flare and the colors are SO soothing!


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