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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sewing Quickie: Iron-on Batman Shirt

Happy Saturday all! I hope you have fabulous plans for this wekend. I for one am soaking up some sun, via poolside, over at my mom and dad's. We are celebrating Father's Day today. Want to know what I made him? I am using this printable, from Pink Ink Doodle, I found the other day. Isn't it so cute? Luckily my dad doesn't read the ole' blog, so I won't be reuining his suprise. Mom don't tell if you are reading this:>

Any-who I have a sewing quickie for you today. Something for the little boy in your life. Bubba loves Batman and I knew he needed a fun shirt to support his favorite super hero. Here is what I did...


I printed off the batman logo on iron-on computer paper, purchased from Joann's.
(I found the batman logo by googling it.)


I ironed a white shirt first, then I ironed the picture onto the shirt. In less than five minutes my Bubba had a new, fun shirt to wear. Perfect for defending Gotham city :>


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and since I will not be posting tomorrow, I want to take a minute to say
Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there. 
Especially the three men in my life who have made a difference to me.

To my father. You are an amazing man. Bigger than life. You are always my daddy who let me hang on his arms for as long as I wanted and who would watch looney tones with me ever day after work. I always amazed at your strength and love. I love you Daddy!
To my Fatherinlaw, who is no longer on this earth. You helped raise an amazing man to be my husband. You never told him how to live, but lived and were the example. Thank you and we will see you soon :>

To my hubby. You are my best friend. Truly my everything.
I am so blessed to have you with me each day.
We know to well what it is like to be sepreated..
dang military and we know we hate it.
I love that each day we greet together, with a smile. 
You are an amazing dad. Gentle, stern, funny, loveable all in one.
I love you and thank you for the man you are and 
the example you are to our children.

Happy Father's day all.
Don't forget to tell your dad's how much they rock this weekend. 
See you Monday!


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