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Monday, June 6, 2011

WobiSobi: Feather Hair Clips

Hello All! Are you so ready for Hair Week to begin? I know I am! To start us off, I want to introduce a fantastic lady. Her name is Anne and she is seriously A-Mazing! Her blog is full of utter cuteness. She has insane style, mixed with some crazy crafting ability. This makes her an awarded blogger.
She kind of reminds me of Victoria Beckham, post spice girls .
She has some great restyling projects and  some even more fantastic artwork.
She is one talented lady. WobiSobi is her blogging home. 
Check Her out and you will so understand why I love WobiSobi.

Blog meet Anne

Hi everyone, I am Anne, From the blog WobiSobi.  I was so excited when Danielle ask me to participate in her Hair week, what a super idea.  Thank you so much,  Danielle, for having me over.  My Blog, WobiSobi, is a Style, Re-style, DIY, kind of place. I love to create  and recreate things with little or no cost.  Today,  I have made some feather, Hair clips. This is a really easy and very inexpensive DIY. 


Things You Need

I also used a old Rhinestone pin, that was broken.

 Cut your ribbon twice the length of your clip and fold it in half.

then cut it in a shape like this.
 Slip it over the clip and hot glue it together.

I hot glued my feathers on to the clip to make a fan like shape.

I then hot glued the pin to the bottom of the clip, and trimmed the feathers to be even.

And that is it, cute, easy, feather clips for your hair.. 
Thank you so much for having me, Danielle. 
Come on over and visit me at WobiSobi
I love meeting new people.. 
Have a wonderful Day Everyone!!



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