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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lovely Bloggy Award

Tanya, from Greetings From the Asylum, gave me such a great honour. She honoured me with the lovely bloggy award. This totally made my day last week.


To accept this award and I am suppose to tell you seven things about me, you probably don't know. I am feeling a little blast from the past, so I think I will do this one in pictures :>

Here we go...

1. I use to work at Hot Dog on a Stick during high school. Yep I wore those red, blue, and yellow stripes proudly. All the lemonade I could drink and creepy guys asking us to STOMP lemonade. What's not to love:>

2. In elementary school my mother decided I would look adorable with a VERY short hair cut. She then decided to put said short hair cut into sponge curlers for picture day. I still have not forgiven her for this MEGA fashion crime.

Don't be jealous for the way I rocked those scrunchy socks:>

3. I once wore full zebra print to a high school dance.
I guess my flashy fashion sense started young:>


4. My father was the original rocker of the stasche.



5. during my chubby, adolescent awkward phase I cheerleaded for pop warner football.


6. I went to a performing arts academy for high school. I majored in dance.


7. and last but certainly not least...I swear I could keep embarrasing myself in photos, but hey I want to save some for next time...

when I was born I came out so fast the doctor almost dropped me.
to say I was looking a bit beat up did not do me justice. I was a wreck with a capital W. My mother however thought I was beautiful and had a gorgeous, Jaundice induced tan. She order a lot of baby pictures. ALOT. Guess how many she gave after they were developed? NONE. She then saw this picture and saw me for the wreck I was:>


Yep brusing around the eyes because I decided to ZOOM  my way out of the birth canal:>

There you go 7 things you didn't know about me, which now you do.

I ma now nominating 7 more fabulous lovelies. Here are their blogs...

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There you have it. Laugh it up at my expense and don't forget to check out these awesome ladies. They rock!!

also don't forget the Wimsybell give away. It ends tonight.


See you lovelies bright and early Monday!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Just found your blog and am a new follower! Would love to see you back on my blog as well :)

  2. Oh my gosh, you sad little bruised baby! thanks for the award, woo hoo! :)


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