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Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunshine Monday: Summer Fun List

Happy Summer All! I know I am  a little late with that, but I feel like it is officially summer here in Vegas. I mean real Summer here is when it is over 100 degrees and you have to be in the water for fear of melting. Yeah baby that is summer in Vegas. Well we have been enjoying ourselves. We are officially out of school for summer and I want to enjoy it. I was inspired by a friend, who is doing a fun 79 Days of Summer, and I wanted to join in. I knew all my activities had to be cheaper than cheap, things are real tight right now. Last week I sat down and wrote everything out and I was so thankful how it all came together. We did a Family Home Evening to tell Miss Priss and bubba about it and they got so excited. We put our list up in the living room and every time we do something off the list, we cross it off. It is fun to know each day we have something exciting to look forward to. Here is what we have planned,

(Some things we have already done and have been crossed off)

1. Play on Target
2. Play Sponge Toss
5. Visit the Mermaid exhibit at the Silverton
7. Story Time @ the Library
8. Make a Water Pinata
9. Make Iron on Alien Shirts ---> post coming soon
13. Go to a activity pool
14. Go to the $1 theatre
15. Decorate pots and plant flowers for the yard
16. Make Play-dough
17. Food art Crabwhiches
18. Spooky Story Night with smores
19. Kids plan and cook dinner night
20. Game Night
21. Fire Works craft
22. Sleepover with cousins
23. Slur-pee Thursdays ---> this is a regular thing this summer
24. Go to McDonald's and have ice cream and play
25. Make a Money Tree
26. Go to Shark Reef
27. Write Pen Pals
28. Bake a rainbow cake
29. Make cards for Grandma
30. Scatter Sunshine to our Neighbours
31. Throw a cousin Party/Playdate
32. Decorate Library Bags
33. Shaving cream fun
34. Do popsicles plan models
35. Spraygrounds----> we did this, but plan to do it often
36. Make Memo boards
37. Splatter Paint
38. Marble Paint
39. Make home-made finger paint
40. Make and play with slime
41. Water balloon fight
44. picnic at the Temple
45. Make Canned Stilts

and Here are some pictures from our Summer Fun so far...





Our Summer fun is just beginning and I am thankful I get to be home with my kids to enjoy it with them. They truly make each day more fun!

Hope you are enjoying this weather with your littles. 
Happy Monday and I hope it is filled with sunshine!

Oh and before you go a few odd ends...

 It seems like I got a great response from sharing my Simply Fancy updo last week. It has really inspired me to share more hair tips and styles. I have now made a page just for Hair, on the sidebar. Check it out.

Also today I start being a contributor to Women Who do it All. This means every Monday I will be sharing a craft over there.Check me out over there today. I am sharing how I made these...


Should be awesome. Come on over and give me some comment love...

Happy Monday!

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  1. New follower sent from Women Who Do It All.
    I think your summer fun ideas are great and I love the pics of your family!


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