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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting to Know You Sunday: A'la Mode

Getting To Know You!
Hi ya'll!  I'm Shelli and I blog over at 
I am so excited to be sharing a little about myself, thanks to Danielle today! 
name & age:  Shelli, 36
hometown:  Houston, Texas
current home:  Nashville, Tennessee
meaning behind my blog name:  a' la mode- with style
current job: former medical device sales rep (cardiac surgery) turned stay at home mommy
dream job:  my former career AND my current career.  I am blessed.
if i could travel anywhere...:  Greece is on the list!
something unique about me:  I was a singer on Carnival Cruise Lines and at Walt Disney World
i like to: sing, dance, monogram and bargain hunt for interior design and fashion
i watch: Modern Family, Curb Appeal,  Criminal Minds, Bethenny Ever After (who typed that? ok,
listening to: Imogen Heap, frou frou, Ingrid Michaelson, Jackopierce, Keane
crushing on: these (celebrity crushes come and go but shoes- they are forever!)
5 things that inspire me:  my mom, my daughter, memories of my Gramme, House Beautiful, Elle Decor
favorite nail polish: Essie's ballet slippers
favorite perfume: Sung by Alfred Sung- been wearing it since 7th Grade.  Seriously.

who or what inspires your style?  Phoebe Howard, an awesome designer in Atlanta and HomeGoods.  I like to mix high and low.
what is your favorite room in your home?  my office and K's nursery
what are your favorite online furniture shops?  overstock, crateandbarrel, wisteria, etsy  for pillows
if you could purchase 3 pieces for your home (price is not an issue) what would you buy? this, this and these - for the moment anyway.  Yes I have design ADD. =)

My cute husband and I on our second Napa.  That's how we roll.

The most perfect day.

My new boss.  She's hard core.

Where the princess lives.

Where I blog and drink wine work.

Where I get my beauty rest.  

Thanks for having me over today Danielle!
Come visit me at


  1. Beautiful house ... can't wait to go see more at her blog.

  2. Love the color of the bedroom and the comforter. Beautiful!

  3. that baby crib is amazing!


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