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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sarah From Scissors and a Whisk

Hello Lovelies! Today we have another Guest Post. I am so flattered and excited to have three guest post this week. Our next one will be on Sunday for our Getting to Know You Sunday Post. Today we have Sarah, From Scissors and a Whisk. Sarah is a new up and coming blogger, kind of like me. I found her a few weeks ago and instantly loved her blog. She is just full of all sorts of cuteness. Today she is sharing a fun tutorial/recipe. These picture perfect flapjacks will be a hit with any of your littles. I hope you guys all enjoy and

Blog Meet Sarah...

Hello, hello lovely Blissful and Domestic readers! Sarah here from Scissors and a Whisk!
I'm super excited to be here today, as it is my first guest post. I want to show y'all how I made breakfast the other morning. It's not your typical breakfast. Nooo sir-ee! I like to call it Fun Flapjacks! But first a little introduction, yes?

Like I said, my name is Sarah. I'm engaged to my high school sweetie, Matt. I love my little Yorkie, Lucy. And I LOVE to blog! I blog about recipes, crafts, books, and other random events. You should stop by sometime! I'd more than love to have you.
On to the real part of this post.
These babies are mini pieces of breakfast art. It's like the griddle is my canvas and the pancake mix is my paint.
Ok, I wouldn't go that far, but you get my drift.
I WISH I could say I thought of the idea, but I didn't. I originally saw the idea on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I bought myself a couple of squeeze bottles, pancake mix in hand (ok, not really), and found this video.
You'll need:
Squeeze bottle (I cut the tip to make the opening larger)
Pancake mix (make it a bit thicker than normal)
Two plastic spatulas to flip easier
Metal cookie cutter, optional
Tongs if you use cookie cutter, optional
Make your pancake mix, but a little thicker. Make it thicker by not using as much milk/water, or adding extra flour/mix.
Prepare squeeze bottles. I cut a larger tip.
The main thing you need to remember is make the outline, let it cook for 15-20 seconds, and then fill it in. It reminds me of "flooding" a cookie with royal icing. Also, remember that the first side you cook will be prettier, so if you want to spell your name, write numbers, etc., it's better to do it backwards.

For the flower, I made the pollen and outline of petals first (bottom), and then filled in the petals after about half a minute (top). I highly suggest lowering the temperature rather than the regular 350 degrees. This will allow you to take your time, and uh... not burn anything.

My work station. I had fun experimenting with flowers and hearts -- so girly, I know. Notice the top left flower. I didn't fill it in enough so it had holes.

Then fill.
At first I kept thinking about my first attempt at piping chocolate with a ziploc bag. It's not pretty at first. In fact, mine was ugly. I ate those so you couldn't see.

I got over the flowers and hearts, and I wanted to try something a little more difficult. I went with the car that was shown in the video.
Start with two circles for the wheels (bottom).

Next, make the outline of the car and immediately fill in the bottom half/rectangle. Pipe a straight line down the middle of the top to make windows (not shown).

Flip carefully. As I mentioned earlier, I used two rubber spatulas. It makes it easier to gently slide the pancake on the other spatula and flip.

I thought about doing this, then I decided not to... but I did it anyways. Surprisingly, they came out kinda cute! Scissors and a whisk. Piping is easier than drawing, that's for sure.

In the video, the lady shows how to make pancakes with cookie cutters. The majority of my cookie cutters are plastic, and those that aren't plastic are Halloween/Christmasy. I did, however, find the *perfect* cookie cutter.


I filled it in (backwards, because then the pretty side would face up). Let it cook just a few seconds (like 15), and use tongs to remove. This way the pancake won't stick to the cutter but keeps its shape.

You can see I let mine cook too long because it did end up sticking. Boo.

Finished fun flapjacks.

Some prettier than others.
My favorite heart is the one in the middle.
Deep in the heart of...

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you try this fun little activity with your loved ones, and be sure and stop by Scissors and a Whisk!

Now that you have read about Sarah, hop on over to Scissors and a Whisk and see what I cooked up for her. Yep we swapped today. Check out my guest post over there today.

Also don't forget to enter our fabulous giveaway this week!
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