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Monday, August 22, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Sorry no fun tutorial for today. We had an ice cream play date with friends this morning (pictures to follow soon) and I am just now getting onto the computer. I was to full from laughter with friends and yummy ice cream sundaes with home made hot fudge. So delish! Any-who I got a great surprise when I checked my mail. Adrianne, from Happy Hour Projects nominated me for the versatile blogger award. I am so flattered. To accept this award I need to share 7 new fun facts about myself. Alright lets see what I got to share here....

1) I have an irrational fear of balconies. I hate going on them and definitely don't want my kids going on them either. I have a fear they will fall right over the railings.

2) I can't use my husbands power saw. I am deathly afraid that I will cut my hand off. I beg him to help me any-time I need wood cut.

3)I am 5'8 and have been this tall since the 5th grade. Yep the boys called me amazon women from a young age:<

4) I can't follow movies about government conspiracies. They just go over my head. Movies like the Bourne identity just confuse me. I fall asleep from the confusion.

5) I have traveled both to Ireland and England. Ireland was better. The people were super sweet and not snooty about Americans.

6) Two of my favorite foods, when I was little, was American cheese and grape jelly, and Hot dogs and apple-sauce. I will still eat hot dogs and apple-sauce today, but have no clue why I liked American cheese and grape jelly. That sounds pretty bad to me right now.

7) I love romantic movies, but only if they live happily ever after. I want a happy ending always, or else I feel like it was  waist of a movie.

Now that you know a little bit about me I want you to get to know a few fantastic ladies, who I love frequenting their blogs. check these ladies out. They rock!

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So there oyu have some fantastic ladies. Check them out and enjoy their cute blogs:>

Have a fabulous Monday and I will be back tomorrow with the winner of our Madison Ave. Give-away and hopefully a new tutorial:>

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