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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Making a Space Warm and Inviting

Today we have a fabulous guest with us today. Her name is Christina Johnson, who writes primarily for  Elliman Prudential and she is going to share with us on how to make a space more warm and inviting. 
Making a Space Warm and Inviting
By: Christina Johnson

Larger rooms are intimidating if not properly decorated. People like to socialize in spaces they feel comfortable in. A living room of empty walls and with only a couple pieces of furniture is not going to appeal to anyone. It is important to consider how to make those cavernous spaces feel quaint, intimate, and cozy. Interior designers have an arsenal of tricks they use to achieve just the right look for a variety of rooms. 
Colors, Colors, Colors
Colors are going to be very important when decorating a large space. Avoid white, as this will only make the space seem cold and distant and large. Warmer tones will help to draw the room together and absorb the light. Using these simple tips you should then be able to create a cozy and intimate ambiance for different rooms and even that important wedding venue.
Divide the Room
You may also choose to break up the room into smaller sections. Avoid area dividers and instead use the placement of the furniture to create the illusion of division. Properly placing furniture so that it can enhance the space without dominating it is important especially if you want to create a cozy space. 

Choose a Focal Point
This will help draw the eye to a point in the room where it can then take in the rest of the room. Once you have chosen a focal point you will then want to decorate the room by taking inspiration from it.
Rooms of All Kinds:
A bedroom should always be comfortable. Use a large bed at an angle to create a dynamic appearance. Sleigh beds are perfect for larger bedrooms. The walls should absorb the light. Try rich amber for the walls and accent with bronze and copper pieces. You may want to divide the room with one area dedicated to meditation and reflection.

Living Room
A living room will often time use the television or entertainment center as the focal point. If you live in an NYC apartment rental or a house in the suburbs, you'll want to add a large comfortable couch and perhaps another chair or two. Divide the room into a reading area, maybe add a small desk, or even a play area for small children. The colors for the living room should be comforting. Try dark wood accents and touches of dark reds and deep blues. 

An office should not be too inviting, but comfy enough to pass numerous hours in. A large desk, bookshelves, and even a small table are perfect for this room. The colors should be relaxing but not too relaxing. Remember, the office is for working not for sleeping.


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