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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Recess Home School Style

I get asked a lot about how our day goes, since we homeschool. Some wonder if we hang around in Pj's, do we sleep late, do we have recess? Well this is what we do. We do get dressed in the morning and even start school between 8 and 8:30am. This works for us. It allows us to be done with school by 1 or 2, which leaves plenty of time for play in the afternoon or a fun outing. We absolutely do breaks or recess, as my littles like to call it. Usually after each subject we do, I give them a break. Sometimes I go outside with them and we play a game or ride bikes. Sometimes we stay indoors and they play in their rooms, while I get our next activity/lesson ready or while I catch up on dishes or a cleaning chore. These breaks may make our day a bit longer than normal, but we love the fun we have together. They enjoy this time and so do I. After we have these 20 minutes breaks, we are able to come back to the kitchen table (where we do school) and are able to focus better on our studies. Here are some pictures, via my phone, from some of our "recess" breaks outside.

This is a balloon game we made up.
Blow up a balloon, grab a spatula, and go outside.
The object of the game is to not let your balloon touch the ground.

How do you guys play outside?

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