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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Featured Blogger

So Here we are I actually made it through a week of home-school! Whoosh! I am definitely excited about a three day weekend. I didn't think I would be as exhausted as I am, but between now home-schooling two kids, starting to workout (which I haven't done in forever), and keeping up with a blog, and all my house wifey chores, I have been loving my pillow each night as I drift off before 11. This is like a record folks! All summer I would burn the midnight oil hanging out with the hubs on the coach, or crafting it up, but this week my eyes just couldn't stay open. I am hoping for a relaxing weekend with a lot of sleeping, crafting, and blogging. All my favorite things.

So now onto our Saturday Feature. You guys blow me away with all your craftiness. I have so many new ideas to start working on. You always inspire! One post in particular caught my eye. I have Halloween on the brain already. I know, I know. It isn't even October yet, but I craft for BOWDABRA and I have to start working on some projects for them, which are Halloween theme.

I had just gone to Target to purchase a few materials and came home to a fabulous post from The Kurtz Corner.  Audra is also feeling the love for Halloween early and she has spotlighted some fantastic pumpkin decorating ideas. Well I will let the pictures speak for themselves. She sites all her sources on her blog, so hop on over, show her come comment love and check out all these fabulous pumpkin ideas. I know I am!




Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and you to get a little Halloween on the brain. Don't forget to enter out give-away this week. It has some low numbers, so check it out. And tomorrow we have another Getting to Know You Sunday. Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I just love Fall so much! Thanks for the feature sweet lady! :)



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