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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teaching Moments

Some days God gives us moments to teach our littles. I am thankful fot those moments, no matter how weird they might be.

Earlier this week my bubba confessed to something he had been doing for the past few months. Basically for the past few months he thought peeing in my bathtub was much more easier and convient than the toilet.

Weird right? Well sometimes kids are is all I can say.

I had been suspecting he was atleast missing because no matter how much I cleaned, it still had that disgusting pee smell in the bathroom.

I had asked if one of the kids were peeing in the tub, but no one fessed up. Well when Bubba did finally confess ( about 2 weeks later), I was pretty darn annoyed at first. I thought of how much time i'd spent recently cleaning, trying to rid the bathroom of that smell. Than I saw his face. I knew he was embarrassssd and worried about me being angry. I thought of a scripture verse we memorized recently "a soft answer turns away wrath".

With that in mind, the teaching began. We talked of what a sin was and how by lieing he had sinned. We talked about confessing and repenting of our sins. It was pretty amazing. We knelt down together and prayed. What an amazing moment this was.

Although peeing in the bathtub is a wacky one, which I most definitely will embarrass him with when he's older, I am thankful for the moment I got to have with my son as we talked about the Savior and how we must repent.

Thankyou Heavenly Fathet for all you bless me with. Thankyou for allowing me to take something bad, and turn it into a special teaching moment. Thankyou for allowing me to be a Mom. And most of all, thankyou for the little boy who will be cleaning my bathroom for the next few months.

I definitely think the punishment fits the crime.
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